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Discreet sfx for sneaking immersion. Sound replacement for blades (Draw and Sheath), Sound mutes (Fail and critical) and dynamic audio volume while sneaking (draw/sheath/swing lowered, screams muted for attack and power attack)

Permissions and credits

Smooth blade draw and Sheath contains replacement files for the sounds made by your blades while you draw or sheath them. 
It includes sounds of one handed blades, daggers and two handed blades. 
The result is smoother and fits perfectly for a stealth character, or any sneaky actions. 
The mod also includes the 'Audio Dynamic Sneak' (ADS) which lower the sounds of any movements made by your weapons when you sneak (except impacts of course) and get also rid of the SCREAMS !!!! of your character on attacks and power attacks in the same manner. 
You will also find options to mute the sounds of the 'fail activation' as well as the sound of 'critical hit'.

Install :
Uninstall previous version, use NMM or SMO, follow instructions. Just tick the options you want. [RECOMMENDED]
You can find the SSE version HERE thanks to Nicoroshi
Manual Install :
Drag and drop the features you want to use, in the respective directories. (Search for Skyrim/Data for the *.esp in case you want to use A.D.S, and the Skyrim/Data/sounds/etc... repertory for the rest)
Requirements :
Replacement sounds does not need any requirements.
A.D.S however ->
SKSE 1.6
Skyrim 1.9.32 

How to use :
Just install and play !
Note for A.D.S : If you map your "sneak" key to another key while playing, just save and reload immediately so A.D.S can know you changed the key.

Compatibility :

  • There's is an incompatibility with A.D.S and the mod More Sound options. You'll find a patch in the optional section files.
  • AOS Audio overhaul for skyrim is partially compatible with my mod, but put my mod after AOS in your load order. 

Enjoy the shadows
And ENDORSE if you like !

Credits :

Sounds and mod by Vanaran
A huge thanks to MrJack for making the A.D.S working !
Thanks to IsharaMeradin for the good tip :)

One-Handed blade : Draw and sheath sounds replacement demo

Two-Handed blade : Draw and sheath sounds replacement demo

Dagger blade : Draw and sheath sounds replacement demo

A.D.S : Audio dynamic sneak demo