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Last updated at 5:48, 31 May 2016 Uploaded at 16:25, 24 Aug 2013


More Sound Options adds the following options to the audio menu:
NPC footsteps
Menu sounds
Ongoing magic sounds
Medium and large waterfalls
Item sounds
Weapon draw sounds
Distant waterfalls
Loud NPC sounds (hammers etc.)

Some sounds can be made louder than in the vanilla game.

The "Distant" version of the mod makes some sounds hearable from a greater distance.

This mod adds no new sounds and uses only vanilla Skyrim sounds.

In the download section you will find a german version of the mod.
A german translation of important stuff of the description will follow.

I suggest turning up the waterfalls, distant waterfalls and loud NPC sounds to 100% and
turning down menu, ongoing magic, items and weapon draw sounds to 80% - 50%.
Then turn up your speakers a bit, till the waterfalls and hammer sounds are nice and loud.

Of course feel free to tweak and experiment as much as you like!

I recommend giving the "Distant" Version a try.

If you have problems with too loud Stereo sounds, like ambient, wind, magic, deadra voices, interface etc. especially with a 2.0 sound system I recommend giving the mod Stereo Volume Fix by ffe3214 a try.
It is compatible with my mod.

Thx to bwog for the screenshots of the english version.


Skyrim Mods Weekly 2 by SkyttsTV

The part about my mod starts at 01:37.

Sound demonstration

I made a small video to demonstrate the waterfall sounds. In the background you can also hear a blacksmith hammering in the distance.


This mod should be compatible with any mod that doesn't edit sound descriptors.
If the mod in question does edit sound desccriptors you will have to check with Tes5Edit if any sound descriptors are edited by both mods.
If that's the case, depending on the load order, one mod will override those sound descriptors of the other mod.
Soundmods that only replace sounds should be ok.

This mod is partially incompatible with the mod Smooth blade draw and Sheathe. However the mod author has made a compatibility patch, which you can find in the download section of his mod.

From what I read about the mod "Sound Propagation Overhaul" my mod is probably rather similar.
However that mod was hidden on the nexus befor I started playing Skyrim a few weeks ago, so I could never try it.
I decided to make my own mod to change skyrim sounds to my liking and thought I might as well upload it and share it with all of you.

Please post any issues and suggestions in the comments. Thx.