Dovahkiins Flaming 2hand Great Sword by Elixiir
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Added: 25/02/2012 - 06:23AM
Updated: 25/02/2012 - 06:35AM

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Last updated at 6:35, 25 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 6:23, 25 Feb 2012

Hi , It's me again ;)

Today I will present a sword with a slightly different skin;)
Of course the sword is on fire: D

Attention !! Hight textures HD

this mod are NOT compatible with my other mod " Fire Blade "


Have Fun With This New Weapon , Endorse if you like :D

Q: 1 handed ?
R: are in progress ;)
Q: Enchanting ?
R: i can make this , but ,the weapons are on fire fx permanently ( yepp i know baadd english )


Adds a forgable Dovahkiin Great Sword (2hand only)


At a forge - Steel weapons section.

You will Need:

5 Firewood, 1 Dragon Bone, 5 Steel Ingots, 1 Gold Ingot & a Common Soul Gem*

* - Must NOT be filled, otherwise it won't register

Q: Can this weapon be improved?
R: Yep! However unlike any other weapons naturally needing an Ingot, you will need just 1 cup of Fire Salts! ^^ One last thing, it is possible to Disenchant it but you CANNOT add enchantments to it

Have fun ,

Install :

Extract the archive. Take the folders "meshes", "textures" and Dovahkiin's_Great_Sword.esp and paste'em in your Skyrim/Data folder. "Yes to all" when asked. Start Skyrim Launcher. Go to Data Files and mark Dovahkiin's_Great_Sword.esp , Ok and play.


delete all files that have been installed :D


3dsmax 2012


Thanks to Bethesda for the best games.