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The Vanilla ORC Mouth has many problems, this fixes a lot of them with a full Structural and Aesthetic mouth update of the Orsimer Mouthpart models. Available in default 4k, 2k, 1k texture resolutions. Includes Shader fixes, Mesh Edits, UV Map alignment Fixes, New Hand Painted Textures and AI-Upscaled textures based on Vanilla Art Design.

Permissions and credits

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'9 out of 10' Dentists agree, you should not attempt to split two teeth into four teeth by painting a fake shadow texture.


The Vanilla Orc mouth and teeth have a lot of problems, like they were rushed in production or just an afterthought for the developers.
There are many mods out there that touch the human teeth, and very few that cover the ORC teeth, the ones that do cover Orcs have just carried forward the same texture mistakes since Skyrim was released. Subsequently any mod that has been based on the Vanilla models suffer from the same lingering issues. Bad UV's, Mismatched textures, missing textures, misaligned teeth set, bad shader settings, etc... So I have tried to fix all that, because I saw it and could not un-see it.

I tried to find a happy medium for cleaner teeth shade while still maintaining a rough aesthetic so the teeth would be acceptable for a wider range of users. No Hollywood white, No 3 pack a day smoker's teeth, just a healthy set of Orc chompers.

  • Removed the fake extra two teeth in the lower front of the mouth so that the textures match the lower four teeth of the 3D models as intended. *See Vanilla/Modded Comparison shots in Mod Images.
  • Vertex Edits on meshes to sharpen Upper Fangs and to fix female/male lower teethline to have less of a Pennywise look.
  • Edited UV Maps so the shadows and teeth gaps align correctly with the teeth in the 3D Model
  • Fixed Shader settings so that both Male and Female use environment mapping. (previously only the male was set up for cubemaps)
  • Created custom mouth cubemaps to better represent saliva and enamel (Vanilla textures assigned the ebony ore map).
  • Created missing Female\Male metallic layer textures so the cubemaps render differently on teeth than on tongue and mouth.
  • Whitened teeth to eliminate the rotting look and give them a proper pearly enamel, while still maintaining weathering/aging appearance for realism.
  • New Diffuse, Normal, and Specular maps based on carved ivory photos to give more of a tusk appearance to the Orc fangs.
  • Tongue retextured to look like a tongue
  • Adjusted gumline to better match 3D model and fix the especially poor alignment on lower tusks/fangs.
  • Available in Default 4k2k, or 1k texture resolutions.
  • Too many more small detail tweaks to list.


  • Compatible with EFA Mouth, Ruhadre's double sided vertex mouth, Fairskin's mouth, and others seem to only touch the human mouth mesh so no conflicts.
  • Incompatible with Expressive Facegen Morphs. No plans to make the two compatible as the Author has closed permissions and isn't responding to requests. My hands are tied.
  • Textures only compatibility files available in Optional Downloads. Use Main file or Alternate files... Not Both!

FAQ'S and The Usual Comments
My god those teeth look like they are neon white, why are they so shiny?
Clearly you are looking at the Software Environment screenshots and haven't tried them in game. The comparison shots are taken in Outfit Studio and/or Nifskope which do not use in game shaders. Those images are purely for design comparison's and not representative of how a model looks in game.

I looked at the files in .dds viewer (or similar) and noticed...
Okay, no offense... really! But let me just stop you right there and save us both some time!

I like my teeth Dirtier/Cleaner will you make me some exactly how I want them?
I tried to find the perfect in between of beauty and realism so I hope you like them because what you see is 'Forever Free' and it is what you get.

Will you add?

Could you change?
Yes... but I won't!

  • You are not allowed to convert these for, or back port to another game, if there is enough interest in doing so I will do it myself.
  • You are not 'UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES' allowed to upload this to another mod hosting site.
  • You are not allowed to port any of these assets to console or include them in any so called 'Beauty Packs' for console.
  • If you want to use these for a follower, NPC replacer, or replacer series, that follows the above guidelines... go ahead, just credits and links where credit is due.
  • If you want to use this mod in a 'Collection' or a 'Mod list', I only ask that you do the right thing and give credits and links if possible.  


These textures would not be possible without the talent and art of those that came before.
The Artists at Bethesda Studios and Zenimax Entertainment
Bodyslide/Outfit Studio
ShaderMap Pro
Gigapixel AI
Adobe Illustrator 21'
Adobe Photoshop 22'
Adobe Stock

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