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Novelyst - Ported by TheCinderfly

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High quality, comprehensive, non-beast female textures for gameplay and screen-archery – meticulously crafted with attention to detail at every step. Offers a broad range of options to choose from for all kinds of mod lists.

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Reverie - Skin + Bixie

Reverie is flexible, built to give the player options so that it can be more easily slotted into a load order.
Use anybody replacer you'd like or none if you want to, the vanilla option is game-ready and comes with real feet meshes: no hassle, no fuss.
Enjoy character modding? Reverie comes with diffuse and normal options that you can use to get anything from a young Nord adventurer to a wisened Dark Elf.

  • Diffuse, normal, specular, and sub-surface scattering maps for female elves and humans, including the elderly.
  • Diffuse maps for the afflicted.
  • Vastly improved textures for Astrid.
  • High-definition tintmasks – lipstick, blush, eyeliner, et cetera.
  • Ten different options for user customization.
  • Female feet meshes and refit shoes for vanilla bodies.

Eyelids on many of the normals were repainted to match the meshes and Charmers of the Reach was used
to improve ear and nostril shading. Body and head speculars have been
completely redone to enhance the natural detail of the diffuses.

Reverie should be able to fit into any mod list. There are options specifically
for vanilla, UNP, and CBBE . BHUNP and CBBE 3BA use UNP and CBBE
textures respectively. There is also an option for ECE UV eyes which is
especially useful for players using NPC overhauls with meshes based on
the ECE UV.

Technical Information
  • Diffuse, normal, and sub-surface scattering maps have been saved in B8G8R8A8 in Best Quality Version, Other versions are a mix of R8G8B8 and B8G8R8A8
  • Specular maps have been saved in B8G8R8A8
  • Tintmasks have been saved using BC1 compression and B8G8R8A8

Recommended Mods

All the skin assets seen in my images are from this mod.

Special Thanks to Novelyst for creating another beautiful mod