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Made by m4mk203 and ported by turtlegodking

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This is a port of m4mk203's TRX Werewolf's fang mod.

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This is a port of m4mk203's TRX Werewolf's fang mod.

If there are bugs let me know

Credits to m4mk203 for making the original mod.

Quoted from the original description:

Daedric artifact - bow "Werewolf's fang". 
A relic of the Ysgramor's family. Back in the days of Atmora, this Bow was gifted by Lord Hircine to the great Nordic warrior for defeating a powerful werewolf.  The bow is made from wood from Hircine's hunting grounds soaked in blood of the beast, with bowstring from werewolfs sinew. The bow is adorned with the fangs of a slain monster.

I have started doing less testing and now am just doing "basic" tests to get the mods out quicker (I am still testing so don't think I am not caring) this means that uploads are sort of public tests but more mods will be released quicker, don't worry though since I will make sure they work before uploading, don't kill me over this.

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