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Made by Rajjip and ported by turtlegodking

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This is a port of Rajjip's Wind Lodge - A Winter Home in the Pale mod.

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This is a port of Rajjip's Wind Lodge - A Winter Home in the Pale mod.

Last Light is the final version no more surpport will be provided

Credits to Rajjip for making the original mod.


If you want to help support me to make more patches and ports you can find my Patreon here

I do also take phyiscal game copies or accessories as an option if you want to do that as I have a collection I wish to continue. (DM for more info)
Non-working is fine as long as it is intact

Taken from the original descrption:

Wind Lodge is located south of Dawnstar, in a secluded forest near the Hall of the Vigilants.

Progression through the Dawnguard questline will change the Hall of the Vigilants, leading to some interesting things to see when leaving the Lodge.

Wind Lodge is designed for the player only. There are no extra beds for followers - Though there are idle markers for them to relax/sandbox

Features of the home include:

  • Custom Storage
  • Ingot, Pelt and Meat chests outside.
  • Personal Chest inside along with a satchel and knapsack.
  • Unique design
  • Anvil, Workbench and cooking stations.
  • Idle Markers inside for NPCs to relax.
  • Simple, uncomplicated home.
  • Outside Fire Pit for survival mod users.
  • Animal spawns around the home.