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Twenty-four varied followers spread across Skyrim, providing combat assistance or just a bit more life to the taverns.

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This adds 24 followers across the inns of Skyrim.  All races and combat specialties seeking adventure (also available as a spouse and in some cases a steward).  Or just to provide a little more life to the taverns.  These are vanilla followers with no requirements that will look as rough or as smooth as whatever skin texture you are using.  They are set as essential and do not affect stealth meter.  Highly recommend using Relationship Dialogue Overhaul to get the most out of these followers.

Dawnstar, Windpeak Inn - Cora, Breton Warrior 2H

Dragon Bridge, Four Shields Tavern - Jaimes, Imperial Warrior 1H

Falkreath, Dead Man's Drink - Nimiane, Bosmer mage and Qilargo, Khajiit warrior 2H

Ivarstead, The Vilemyr Inn - Fynn, Bosmer rogue and Sindrina, Altmer mage (does not use standard Altmer voice type)

Kynesgrove, Braidwood Inn - Mitzi, Khajiit rogue

Markarth, Silver Blood Inn - Kadon, Redguard mage and Liesl, Nord warrior 1H

Morthal, Moorside Inn - Belahna, Argonian archer and Darmok, Orc warrior 2H

Nightgate Inn - Aronne, Nord mage and Livia, Nord rogue

Old Hroldan Inn - Raimund, Nord warrior 1H

Riften, Bee and Barb - Jalad, Argonian warrior 2H

Riverwood, Sleeping Giant Inn - Brysen, Breton mage and Irmgard, Nord warrior 2H

Rorikstead, Frostfruit Inn - Krios, Dunmer archer

Solitude, The Winker Skeever - Emelie, Imperial rogue

Whiterun, Bannered Mare - Indara, Redguard warrior 1H and Darrick, Nord mage
Windhelm, The Frozen Hearth - Sheyla Orc archer
Windhelm, New Gnisis Cornerclub - Catrionne, Dunmer warrior 1H

Winterhold, The Frozen Hearth - Thadrin, Altmer warrior 1H (does not use standard Altmer voice)

Recommended Mod:
Skyrim Indie Music Scene - Lokir's Ashes - Along with a singing band that travels from inn to inn, new npcs are added to several inns so the band has an audience.

Skin textures used in images:
Aesthetic Skin
Better Males
New Detail Maps

Credit and huge thank you to Rops1981, the creator of Inhabitants of Skyrim, which provided wonderful presets that these NPCs are based on.  They have generously granted open permissions.