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---V2.1 New walls, Dirty street and more! ---
A comprehensive and detailed retexture that transforms Whiterun into a slightly more modern, civilised, lore friendly town. Uses Hand-made textures from real pine and spruce wood. Comes in 2k, 4k, and contains parallax maps.

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Quote Below from Original Mod, Which can be found HERE

This is my first published mod, and a lot of work went into this, so if you do like it, please endorse, it would mean a lot to me! :)


This is a highly detailed and comprehensive rework of Whiterun's textures, inspired after typical Scandinavian towns. This makes whiterun look more realistic, civilised and less dirty, while still trying to maintain the vanilla feel.
Almost everything was redone - however I did not touch rugs and windows.
No meshes were edited, so compatible with the unofficial patch and SMIM
Parallax maps are also optional - no parallax meshes, I don't know how to do those
Comes in 4k and 2k
Enjoy! :)

Hand-made textures
Uses REAL pine and spruce textures
Detailed Carvings and Decals
Parallax maps
Optional ugly grass replacer
2 Optional Streets - Dirty and Clean
3 Optional Grey and Beige walls

Please see the images tab for what the optional files look like.
I recommend using a Whiterun Tree Mod, definitely enhances the feel.
If you notice any weird looking meshes check out Whiterun Mesh fix here

Do check out my other mods here :)

Special Thanks and Credit goes to Shish15, not only for creating this Mod but also for giving permission to share it :)