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Transforms the tundra into a boreal forest, such as those found in the tundra of extreme northern latitudes.

Permissions and credits

Original Mod Here


  • Adds 6700+ short (ie, 1-4 m) trees to the tundra; creating a lightweight Boreal forest.
  • Forest that becomes denser as you travel further from civilization, embodying the remoteness of the wilderness.
  • Careful positioning and sizing of trees to preserve the mountain vista characteristic of Whiterun.
  • Compatible with all flora, grass, and tree mods.
  • Highly optimized with expected performance cost of ~3 FPS for mid-range PC's.


Custom Tree Mods Installation Instructions
  • Install the main file.
  • Install the appropriate billboards for whichever tree mods you are using in your preferred overwrite order.
  • Generate tree LODs using xEdit, xLODGen or DynDOLOD (3D Trees are supported using DynDOLOD).
  • Install the output from generation to your data directory or as new mod in your mod manager mod.

Explanation: Billboards are two dimensional images of trees. When you generate tree
LOD, two things occur. One, the billboards are compiled into a tree LOD
atlas, which is a single texture that contains all the tree LOD textures
(this is great for performance). Two, it generates a series of files
that informs the game where to express tree LODs (e.g., all over
Whiterun Tundra), the size of each tree in game, and the position of a
particular tree LOD image on the atlas texture.


Whiterun Forest Borealis is designed to be extremely compatible without the need
for patching. The following list of mods have built-in compatibility:
  • Alternate Start - Live Another Life
  • Bent Pines II
  • Cutting Room Floor
  • Ebonvale
  • Elysium Estate
  • Enhanced Landscapes
  • Enhanced Towns and Cities
  • Forgotten Dungeons
  • More Bandit Camps
  • Settlements Expanded
  • The Fall of Granite Hill
  • The People of Skyrim 2
  • The People of Skyrim Complete SSE
  • The Whitefall Manor
  • Viking Towns of Skyrim
  • Warchief Stronghold
  • White Estate (both versions)
  • Whiterun Expansion Redone SSE
  • Whiterun Stronghold

Any cell and vanilla tree record conflicts should be resolved by allowing all other mods to overwrite Whiterun Forest Borealis.

Credits and Permissions
This mod was built around Ro84's Great Forest of Whiterun Hold. Grazie amico!
The LOD was built using Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards by Palerider. Thank you!
Thank you reddit user Ichidh for the extensive beta-testing and documentation!
Thank you Daymarr and LordOfLA for the testing and screenshots!
You can view the original threads here 10/2016 

You are free to use the resources in this mod so long as you share your mod with the same permissions

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Special Thanks to the Original Creator of this Mod : DrJacopo