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Upgrade your Skyrim roads with some much needed scenery. Includes lore friendly add ons. For the happy explorer.

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Laghetto Gaming here again distorting the thin line between modding and default
skyrim. You know, I really feel like a mod has done a great job when it
becomes almost hard to tell whether it is an original feature or not.
That said, I hope this mod will make it harder for you to tell the
Is it my mod? Or is it skyrim? Only time will remember...

What this mod do -

Makes the main Roads more interesting by placing lore-friendly decorations.
Nordic Dungeons next to roads will have better exteriors.
Dwemer ruins will be more visible and grand to show their once importance.
Civil War Aftermath will show the real damage from all the fighting.
Daedric / Aedra statues have been placed to show a bigger influence.
Custom- some designs done by me to compliment each region.

Features NOT included
-any npcs
-any scripts
-any interior cells to buildings

 ( this is to keep the mod at a cosmetic-only feature )

The Download

Prettier Roads regular ESP ( place in your data folder)
Prettier Roads Alternative ( with custom statue mesh by Jackga)
not lore friendly but still cool

************ FAQS *********

Prettier Roads should be your main ROAD overhaul you will use for Skyrim,
(not including textures and other cool mods.)

This means that other mods that use similar features like Skyrim Better Roads will obviously not be needed anymore.

This mod ONLY adds much need decorations on the roads, next to the roads, or above the roads.

Therefore, I made sure that Prettier Roads will only stay at the cosmetic level and NOT BE a substitute for mods that :

-add or edit the Skyrim roadsigns
-place lanterns and light sources
-use triggers for new encounters
-upgrade textures or meshes

I'm still unsure about __x___ mod and Prettier Roads?
Prettier Roads does not delete or disable anything in Skyrim, so it's SAFE to place this mod ANYWHERE in your load order.
So if you have a mod that you know might be in the same spot, just decide either

place Prettier Roads before your other mods
or place Prettier Roads after your other mods

worst case, you'll see a decoration clipping under or above the other mod. No big deal.

I see your mod placed 3 new bridges, are they navmeshed?
Noooooooo, they are not. I left them without navmesh because I don't dare to TOUCH the exterior world navmesh.
Others do, but I don't believe in messing with the default game mechanics.
This means that you can go across the bridges, but followers will still go around ( the poor souls).

Ew, I dont like your mod!
Sad, but cool.

Eww, you should stop making mods!!
You can't hurt my feelings like how playing Skyrim and getting a random CTD hurt my feelings.


So you are interested in doing some Landscape modding for your game?
Prettier Roads goes great with any of these!
Forgotten Settlements
Immersive hold borders
Northern Encounters
Inns and Taverns
Lanterns of Skyrim
Convenient Bridges

Mods used in screenshots
Dark Forests of Skyrim