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Made by spaz490 and ported by turtlegodking

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This is a port of spaz490's Gro-Kayra - Rage of the Ashen Forge mod.

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This is a port of spaz490's Gro-Kayra - Rage of the Ashen Forge mod.

Last Light is the final version no more support will be provided


Credits to spaz490 and KIFIR for making the original mod.

If you want to help support me to make more patches and ports you can find my Patreon here

I do also take phyiscal game copies or accessories as an option if you want to do that as I have a collection I wish to continue. (DM for more info)
Non-working is fine as long as it is intact

Ripped from the original description:

Gro-Kayra - Rage of the Ashen Forge

Ages ago Sheogorath in his brilliant madness tricked Malacath into beheading his demigod son, Gro-Kayra.
Trapping his soul in the shivering isles, never to feast in the belly of the Ashen Forge.

Fueled by rage and madness, Malacath forges the weapon that might one day rid Nirn of the influence of Sheogorath and his followers. 

Craftable as a war axe and battle axe under the Daedric category.

The unenchanted versions are named Gro-Kayra - Rage of the Ashen Forge  
The enchanted versions are named Gro-Kayra - Ashen Rage

The unenchanted versions use standard Daedric crafting amounts. Enchanted versions cost slightly more to craft.

The damage and critical damage of the unenchanted versions are matched to dragonbone, with a slight increase to speed and stagger.
For the enchanted versions  damage, speed, and stagger are slightly increased compared to unenchanted versions.

The enchantment gives 15 sun damage on hit, double damage for undead. 15 fire damage on hit. chaos absorb.
Chaos absorb - 50% chance to absorb 20 health, stamina, and/or magicka.

The enchantment can be deconstructed and added to a different weapon.
The name of the enchantment is Ashen Rage.