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Bluthund is a beaten and battered longsword, that's been lost in the north of Skyrim. Find it, claim it and reforge its destiny!

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This mod adds a brand new greatsword to the world of Skyrim. Bluthund may be a worn old sword, but it still fits the hand well and slays pesky bandits just fine! With the Advanced Armours perk you'll also be able reforge it, making the elegant and shiny sword Sojourner.


Far to the north sits a lighthouse; once a beacon of hope for weary sailors, now a scene of gruesome slaughter. Rumour has it a local sellsword went to investigate, but neither he nor his unique blade has been seen since.


Mod Manager [recommended]: Hit the mod manager download button and let your favourite mod manager work its magic
Manual: Extract the .zip and put the contents in the Data folder of your Skyrim installation.


The swords are setup to just use the vanilla cubemaps, which might look kinda yucky, so I recommend finding a cubemap replacer you like the look of. Personally I use SC - Cubemaps and it's these you see in my screenshots. There are other good options out there as well, so just find whichever one you like best.




In general you can do whatever provided that you give me credit where credit is due and preferably link back to my original mod page.

You are NOT allowed to post my files on sites other than the Nexus without my explicit permission.
Under NO circumstances are you allowed to sell my files nor hide them behind a paywall.

Thank you!