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Made by PraedythXVI and ported by turtlegodking

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This is a LE port of PraedythXVI's Weapons collection 1 mod.

Permissions and credits
This is a port of PraedythXVI's Weapons Collection 1 mod.

Last Light is the final version no more support will be provided
It is recommended to use the new 1 - 3 version found here that is supported

Credits to PraedythXVIKyrylyushkovRubenve, MinghauLoh, EfarysIceboxX708Phantom-fox and Ole Gunnar Isager

If you want to help support me to make more patches and ports you can find my Patreon here

I do also take phyiscal game copies or accessories as an option if you want to do that as I have a collection I wish to continue. (DM for more info)
Non-working is fine as long as it is intact

Merge with zMerge in zEdit or not:
You can and should merge this in zEdit to save space as it is safe to do
If you are using all three of these packs please use the 1-3 version I have made

Ripped from the original discription:

 Adds 10 new craftable/temperable weapons to the game.
They each have different stats/crafting and temper recipes based on what i thought would be appropriate for them.

=>Available in their original resolution or in optional downscaled 2K res.
(Turtle's note: there is also a downscaled 1k for this LE port)

-ESPFE plugin so it won't count towards the 255 plugin limit.
-Textures saved in BC7 for performance and to reduce file size.

-Primal Bow: 22               (slightly superior to the dragonbone bow).
-Apollo's Shield: 28         (less than dragonscale).
-Warhammer: 28             (between nordic and glass).
-Tachi: 23                         (equal to stalhrim).
-Saw Bidenhänder: 28    (slightly superior to dragonbone).
-Jade Greatsword: 30     (superior to dragonbone).
-Demon Sword: 34          (superior to dragonbone).
-Excalibur: 45                  (superior to dragonbone).