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The timeworn land of Skyrim is filled with landmarks evoking it's vast history, made to stir the mind with days gone by and stories untold. But you've probably seen them all by now, you've had ten years to do it after all. Scars of Time seeks to give you new locations intended to provoke that same feeling of discovery you felt a decade ago....

Permissions and credits
This mod features new locations throughout the world, each meant to integrate into the landscape but also feel unique. Ruins, towers, graves and natural formations, each with treasure to loot and beauty to take in. 
All new locations are outside and have at least one loot container. This mod will have many updates to come, adding locations to all the holds and large world spaces. This mod is made to go in tandem with Atlas Map Markers but it does not require it whatsoever 
There are currently 5 8 new places in Whiterun Hold and Hjaalmarch. These are;
Update 0.2 ;Hjaalmarch
  • Shrine of the Lurker; South of Meeko's Shack
  • Mechanism in the Mist; North-west of Fort Snowhawk
  • Snowslide Shack; South-east of Morthal

0.1 Initial Release

  • Falmer's Folly; to the east of Whiterun in the Shimmermist Hills
  • Wildman's Roost; South of Fort Greymoor
  • Grove of Stones; Located east of Dustman's Cairn
  • Ancestral Mammoth; East of Rorikstead
  • Mourning Steeple; North-east of Morthal

Stay tuned for further updates as the list of landmarks grows