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This mod requires the player to eat, drink, and sleep occasionally for immersion.

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[size=+3]Basic Human Needs - [/size]

by Andrewpk


Tired of checking point levels and avoiding certain foods in complicated mods? Play Basic Human Needs! Eat, drink, and sleep without having to micromanage details.

Work on this mod is complete and it will not be edited further. This mod is not compatible with other mods that alter food.




Skooma: Halved skooma price.

Diet: Tripled time it takes to get deficiencies, which should make them quite rare if eating three or more meals a day.

Hunger: Made it so the player cannot get hungry during combat (so the player will not get suddenly over-encumbered while fighting).


Needs Check: A press of a button will show you exactly when you last ate, drank, and slept, and when you will need to again. Using the power "Needs Check" with the shout key will also detect any long-term deficiencies and help you fix them.

Scripts: A scripting fail-safe was added to ensure that upgrading will not cause havoc (I had no problems reported, but noticed some bugs firsthand).

Sleeping: Fixed occasional issue where player would be tired after sleeping (If this issue persists, please let me know).


Water: Bottles of water were added to virtually every inn as a regular food item. Using the power "Refill" with the shout key will refill empty bottles (recommend using by a water source for immersion).

Jail: You no longer die after serving a long sentence in jail. However, you come out weak, tired, and emaciated, so I recommend finding an inn and nursing yourself back to health.

Raw Meat: Vampires, werewolves, khajiit, argonians, and orcs can now eat raw meat with no negative effect.

User Interface: The regeneration effects are now showing properly.

Text: When you die of thirst, the game now tells you, "You die of thirst." rather than "You thirst to death."



This mod makes it necessary to eat, drink, and sleep, with realistic intervals and consequences (see details below).

Also, if you don't get a balanced diet (for example you decide to just eat a potato 3 times a day while fighting a dragon), your total health, magicka, or stamina will suffer after three days minimum, depending on what nutrients are missing from your diet.

Make sure you cook your raw meat, or there's a chance you could get salmonella for a few days. Try putting it in a stew; the benefits from food cooked with 3 or 4 ingredients are much greater.

Skooma is made much more potent, as it should be, with all of the controversy surrounding it. It will double your regeneration for 10 minutes, but there is a chance you will get addicted to it and eventually have withdrawal symptoms, which reduce regeneration.

I recommend using this mod with little or no fast travel and a time scale of 6 (In console: "set timescale to 6") and for further immersion, couple it with Frostfall, and any other mods that make the road more interesting.



Hunger (Eat food to activate/cure)
3 hrs - Ready to eat: no effect
6 hrs - Hungry: -25 carry weight
12 hrs - Fasted: -50 carry weight
24 hrs - Starving: -75 carry weight
2 days - Starving(2): -100 carry weight
1 week - Starving(3): -125 carry weight
2 weeks - Starving(4): -150 carry weight
3 weeks - Starving(5): -200 carry weight
4 weeks - Starving to Death: -300 carry weight
5 weeks - You die

Thirst (Drink a beverage to activate/cure)
3 hrs - Ready for a drink: no effect
6 hrs - Thirsty: -25% Health/Stamina regeneration
12 hrs - Parched: -50% Health/Stamina regeneration
24 hrs - Dehydrated: -75% Health/Stamina regeneration
72 hrs - Dying of Thirst: -100% Health/Stamina regeneration
1 week - You die

Sleep (Sleep to activate/cure)
8 hrs - no longer rested: no effect
12 hrs - start looking for a bed: no effect
16 hrs - tired: -25% Health/Magicka regeneration
24 hrs - very tired: -50% Health/Magicka regeneration
36 hrs - exhausted: -75% Health/Magicka regeneration
48 hrs - sleep deprived: -100% % Health/Magicka regeneration



Copy BasicHumanNeeds.esp and BasicHumanNeeds.bsa and paste it in your Data folder.
Activate the esp in the launcher.
Click "Download with Manager."



Delete BasicHumanNeeds.esp and BasicHumanNeeds.bsa from Data folder.
Select mod, deactivate.