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Official pack of Mihail's Undead creations. Make your game a scariest place, patrolled in its darkest corners by mourning restless ghosts and rotted walking corpses. Featuring 83 new creatures, 17 new weapons, 9 new spells, 12 new ingredients/misc items, 2 new diseases and more than 17 new areas.

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Official pack of Mihail's Undead creations. Make your game a scariest place, patrolled in its darkest corners by mourning restless ghosts and rotted walking corpses.

This pack contains mostly undead, however, it also includes some daedra that are connected in some way to the undead universe, such as Soul Cairn daedra.

In the current version, it features new 83 creatures, 17 new weapons, 9 new spells, 12 new ingredients/misc items, 2 new diseases and more than 17 new areas (including tombs, ruins, forts and catacombs)

(for more information about each creature/weapon/armor/etc. included on this mini-pack, check the respective
individual mod page description of each mod merged on this compilation. Check FEATURES tab for links)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do mini-packs work? -They are packs that compile individual mods of mine, be they creatures, armor, weapons, etc., by classifications in common between these files, whether they are dwarven automatons, undeads, daedra, player homes, robes, daedric weapons, etc., thus facilitating the use of more mods, taking up less space, and making everything simpler.

What will be the frequency of these? -Variable, I will only compile mini-packs when I have the amount I consider sufficient of individual files, for a consistent and complex pack, that fulfills the purpose of immersion that is proposed. For example, a mini-pack of animals from the megafauna, due to the greater extent of the terrain where they appear, needs to have a large number of mods launched individually prior to the merge, so that it pays to form a mini-pack, while a mini-pack of dwarven automatons for example it requires much less, because the places where these occur are much smaller, and it is easier to fill all the gaps in that sector in the vanilla game.

Do I need to keep the individual mods here merged in this mini-pack? -No, check in features what mods are merged in this mini-pack, and you can delete all files related to them, or just the esps if you want, since meshes, sounds, textures, etc. will naturally be replaced, and if asked during the installation of this mini-pack if you want to replace files, click "Yes for all".

Will individual mods continue to be released? -Of course, and after a while of the launch of an individual mod, it will also be included in the respective pack, if it is already released, then stay tuned for updates on the mini-packs, but as the creation of a mini-pack only occurs when I consider that the pack attends well to what it proposes, it can take a while until I consider that a new update is justified, when I already have a good number of new individual creations released, which can take many months, so, keep downloading mods that I release, even if I already have the old ones compiled in this mini-pack.

Why should I use your creations, especially the creatures? -My mods are the result of hard hours and hours a day of work for years to give you the best job possible, to give you allways the best i can. Unlike a lot of available content, I try to cover all the spectrum of each mod I propose to launch, mainly in creatures, where I revolutionized the way to produce this type of mod years ago. I am not limited to making models and textures and throwing them into the game without any care and without concern for your immersion. All my creatures, for example, have their own abilities, be they magic, melee, also the way they move, their speed, acceleration, AI, etc., is the most unique possible within Skyrim's limitations, which are many. I also learned how to modify skeletons and add complementary external skeletons, thus allowing to do things until then considered impossible, such as Imps, Centaurs, Beholders, and much more. I add sounds and unique loot to all new creatures, and several interesting new areas in many of my mods. New music and battle mechanics are present in many of these mods as well, making my mods, especially those of creatures, stand out drastically in relation to what had been produced in this area until then. And I say this without any pretense, I speak as someone who knows the product and just being realistic, and happy with what I managed to produce to make this community richer in experiences and immersion.

Are all your creations lore-friendly? -First, let's define Canon, Lore-friendly and Immersive: Canon- is part of the official TES lore, presented in official games, books, trailers, etc., and in the case of TES, we can say that it is a partially open-canon franchise, as presented by C0DA, later confirmed at ESO, for the disgust of some fans, and the happiness of the majority; Lore-friendly- something that is friendly and compatible with lore, not necessarily Canon, but something that could be, since it follows the pre-established canonical rules. The partially open-canon feature that allows fans to expand the lore of TES, fits like a glove in the concept of Lore-friendly; Immersive- something that, in the field of mods, whether Canon or Lore-friendly, is inserted into the game in a logical, fluid and interesting way for players. So, are mihail mods Lore-friendly? Absolutely always, for my great respect and love for the franchise and its lore, but they are not always Canon, and they are always as immersive as possible. When not canonical, I create a lore-friendly background to insert them immersively, and due to the partially open-canon feature of TES, they fit like a glove, without spoiling anyone's gameplay. I know that there are very purist people who don't like this, but my mods follow my own philosophy, and obviously being my creations, they will always follow that line.

But you sometimes bring content inspired by other franchises, isn't that a problem? - No, because other franchises are other universes not related to TES and you have full intellectual and creative capacity to disassociate a concept from another franchise from that same original franchise, and see it adapted to the TES universe in an immersive and lore-friendly way without it affecting your immersion and enjoyment, because, as I said before, you are an intelligent player and not a limited individual. It is important to think outside the box.

How does the ingame implementation of the new elements you add work? - I rarely edit leveled lists, because it interferes a lot in the compatibility with mods of other authors. You will rarely need a batched patch, only in rare case of mods such as rustic weapons (and any mini-packs that include it), but I will always warn you beforehand. Armors are generally placed as possible to forge with the logical requirements of perks for this, and in cases of more common armor it is possible to find them on the map randomly too, while in some rare sets I usually spread a set in pieces around the world, very difficult to find, but it also becomes a very rewarding treasure hunt. And so on, but as most mods of mine are creatures, this is where I should explain in detail how I implement them: I am an old-time prg player, and absolutely disgusted with the current rpg mentality where everything is leveled with you, and you can conquer anywhere and destroy any enemy regardless of your level and skill, because everything is done to bring instant satisfaction, because the company is very afraid of losing the player if he gets frustrated or needs to work hard and think. This is the way Skyrim works, and even trying to get around it is frustrating because mechanics, especially combat, do not help. But, a lot of what I do in mods, and everything different I was able to do, was because I am stubborn, and I also bring that stubbornness to the implementation. So, expect difficulties like an old RPG, but justice too, and balance. Not everything will be leveled, but everything will be logical, for example:You will find many Goblins or Imps all over the map, they vary in power, but they are all weak enemies and you should be able to handle them easily at low level. As you evolve, they evolve a little too, but never to absurd levels, because it would make no sense at all; You will find less Ogres, they will also evolve with you, but obviously start at a more advanced level than Goblins, and are much stronger. Contrary to the stupidity of the vanilla game, they do not start to appear only when you are already strong, but are there from the beginning, as it would be in a real world, but they just stay inside ruins, caves, or in isolated places, hardly showing in the middle of roads or open fields, being avoidable until you can face them. Even so, some may eventually decide to ambush on the roads, representing a real danger for low-level players, thus increasing risk and realism, and in such a case, it is up to you to just run away, until you get stronger.This need to admit when you need to escape, or create a strategy, instead of always going up to battle like crazy, is difficult to accept for many players used to current rpgs, but when they understand how it is and works, everything is more fun and immersive, they tend to start to value this concept. Minotaurs for example are found more easily than Ogres, and are just as or more powerful than these, however, they are slow, and you only enter into combat with one if you really want to;Continuing, animals are there as part of the scenery, most are weak, predators are aggressive and large megafauna, although generally peaceful, can kill you with a few stomps, all normal as it should be; Necromantic aberrations and daedric monsters are inside caves and ruins, or guarding their entrance, rarely being seen outside. Many are too much for weak players, but entering these places is optional, and the taste of getting stronger and finally defeating them is very rewarding afterwards.Eventually you can be unlucky enough to find a cultist walking randomly in the outside world, he can summon something powerful, this is realistic, unpredictable, and you can fight, run away, or even attack the cultist instead of the summoned thing, making the battle easier, and making the beast disappear in the air. And this is an important point, everything I create has weaknesses, resistances, each boss battle has strategies that you can use, always explore it, and everything will be fair, and sometimes just assume that you must run and escape, as you would in the real world. When you win, the loot will also pay off. Start to move away from the current childishness of the role-playing world where you can destroy everything in front of you, you are not playing God of War; It is also worth remembering that creatures with status of boss and sub-boss are usually in very specific places, guarding them, or protecting those in them, often even in new areas added by me, being even more optional and avoidable than all my other creations, and most of them can also be dodged and not faced, being you able to intelligently go through them and complete quests and objectives without drawing a sword;
Plus, you can totally disagree, dislike it, think that you can't do that in Skyrim, etc., and it's okay, you think what you want, I think what I want, but in this case, the mods are mine, so obviously they follow my philosophy.

Will you make a modular option for mini-packs, allowing me to choose what I want, and disable what I don't want?
-No, it totally goes against my philosophy regarding my mods and their immersion. Things are thought and implemented with a view of using everything. For example, artificial intelligence and positioning, mainly of creatures, are linked to the use of my other creatures, they are made to be used all together. Ultimately, if you want to pick and choose, individual mods are available.


Sentient undead:

Ghosts:Ghost, Sanctified Ghost, Ancient Ghost;

Wraiths: Wraith, Gloom Wraith, Sanctified Wraith;

Rotten Maidens: Mournful Maiden, Bloody Maiden, Nightwraith Maiden, Noonwraith Maiden, Plague Maiden,
Shelly (unique), Fading Widow (unique), Isabelle Rolaine (unique), Pesta (unique);

Mourning Souls: Mourning Soul (variant 1), Mourning Soul (variant 2);

Samaria: Samaria (unique);

Guardian Spectres: Flaming Spectre (unique), Chilling Spectre (unique), Sparkling Spectre (unique)
Extra: Enthralled Wraiths (variant 1), (variant 2), (variant 3) (alongside Guardian Spectres);

Vigilant Ancestors: Vigilant Ancestor (unique), Hemonculous (unique)
Extra: Silver Hand Remains (alongside Vigilant Ancestors), Corrupted Dawnguard Remains (alongside Hemonculous);

Lords of Necromancy: Necro Priest (variant 1), 
Necro Priest (variant 2), Necro Priest (variant 3), Necro Priest (variant 4);

Liches: Nether Lich, Lich, Restless Lich, Dread Lich;

Draugr Patrollers: Patrol Draugr Scout, 
Patrol Draugr Pillager, Patrol Draugr Ravager;

Bone Tyrants: Bone Tyrant, Bone Goliath
Extras: Necromaster Minions, Necromaster Totems and Necromaster Servant (alongside Bone Tyrants and Goliaths);

Bonemasters: Bonemaster (variant 1), Bonemaster (variant 2),  
Bonemaster (variant 3); 

Ancient Skeletons: 
Ancient Skeleton, Ancient Skeleton Hero, Ancient Skeleton Wingripper, Ancient Skeleton Scalewrencher, 
Ancient Skeleton Drakebuster, Ancient Skeleton Dragonrender;

Undead Werewolves: Undead Werewolf, Undead Werewolf Vargr;

Non-sentient undead:

Skeletal Vampires: Vampire Remains;

Bonelings: Boneling (variant 1), Boneling (variant 2), Boneling (variant 3), Boneling (variant 4);

Skinned Hounds: Skinned Hound, Greater Skinned Hound;

Zombie Dogs: Zombie Dog,  Deranged Zombie Dog, Rotten Zombie Dog, Dread Zombie Dog;

Draugulfs: Draugulf
Extra: (since are in the same standalone mod) Nord Mastiff (variant 1),
Nord Mastiff (variant 2), Rabid Dog (variant 1), Rabid Dog (variant 2); 

Bone Hawk: Bone Hawk;


Hyms: Hym;

Golem/ Atronach:

Bone Colossus: Bone Colossus (variant 1), Bone Colossus (variant 2), Bone Colossus (variant 3), Bone Colossus (variant 4);

Wraith Knights:
 Wraith Knight;

Legion: Legion (unique);


Gravelords: Gravelord;

Cursed Child's Dolls: Cursed Child's Doll 
Extra: Zariannah (alongside Cursed Child's Dolls) (unique);


Bone Tyrant Sword of Soul Tearing, Bone Goliath Mace of Soul Devouring, Ebony Staff of the Wall of Storms, Ebony Staff of Frostbite, Ebony Staff of the Wall of Flames, Ebony Staff of the Wall of Coldflames, Gravelord Sword, (Lich) Staff of Lightning Storm, (Lich) Staff of Ice Storms, (Lich) Staff of Icy Spear, (Lich) Staff of Thunderbolts, (Lich) Staff of the Frost Wall, (Lich) Staff of the Storm Wall, Staff of the Soul- Absorbing Orbs, Wraith Knight Longsword, Legion Claymore, Sithis Finger; 


Legion Tower Shield, Wraith Knight Scutum, Cursed Wedding Ring, Samaria's Ring, Bone Hawk Ring (reworked), Bone Hawk Amulet (reworked);

Player magicka:

Conjure Ancestor Guardian, Conjure Hemonculous, Conjure Flaming Spectre, Conjure Chilling Spectre, Conjure Sparkling Spectre, Summon Samaria (using Samaria's Ring), Conjure Gravelord (Wraith of Sithis) (using Sithis Finger), Conjure Skinned Hound, Conjure Wraith Knight;

Ingredients/ misc loot:

Blue Fire Salts, Blooded Vampire Dust, Black Ectoplasm, Mingled Bone Meal, Potent Potion of Blood, Rotten Dog Meat, Refined Elixir of Resist Fire, 
Refined Elixir of Resist Cold, Refined Elixir of Resist Shock, Bone Hawk Skull (reworked), Bone Hawk Feathers (reworked), Bone Hawk Claw (reworked);


Zombie Fever (contracted from Zombie Dogs, Undead Werewolves),  Rabies (contracted from Rabid Dogs);


(just the spell tome books for some of the summons mentioned above)

World objects:

Bone piles on Bone Colossus conjuring areas;


Hob's Fall Catacombs, Fort Snowhawk Catacombs, Fort Snowhawk Throne Room, Bone Colossus conjuring sites, Ancient Nordic Guard Houses, Ancient Dawnguard Tomb, Pyromancers Lookout, Cryomancers Hideout, Electromancers Lodge, Silver Tear Keep, Journeyman's Nook Ruins, Kjenstag Chamber, Skybound Watch Chamber, Yorgrim Overlook Ruins, Grasmere Ruins, Grasmere Keep, Grasmere Catacombs, Grasmere Great Chamber;

Player homes:



There are currently 1 known incompatibilities with this mod:

- Bone Colossus creature is not compatible with HDT-SMP. That mod (and similars) have incompatibilities with vanilla Lurker skeleton. When using that mods, an encounter with a Lurker commonly causes CTDs. Its an incompatibility between that mods and the lurker skeleton nodes, and there is a "fix" that modifies the Lurker skeleton to adapt it to HDT- SMP settings. I do not agree with that, and i believe the right way is to remove the settings on HDT-SMP and similars that interfeer on Lurker skeletons (and general creature skeletons). The available "fix" is not actually a fix because there is nothing to be fixed, since the skeleton works perfectly on vanilla skyrim, and it was made just for that, to work on vanilla skyrim. This is specially true if you use the "fix" on creatures that use custom modified skeletons that used as root base the vanilla Lurker Skeleton, this is the case of Bone Colossus, and if you use the "fix", you will mess completely the proportions and general look of this creature, since part of the model look is made on the custom modified skeleton. So, or you do the node "fixing" (done on the "fix" for the lurker skeleton) on my creature skeleton, or you simply do not use it. I believe the settings that affect creature skeletons on HDT-SMP and similares are being removed to avoid this kind of conflicts, so probably all will be fine soon;


- Although rare, it may happen that eventually some random secondary quest sends you to a place to kill some creature that has already been killed by some monster of this mod, or it's not even there anymore. This doesn't happen very often, but if it does happen to you, use a console command to skip the quest step, or just disable the mod, complete the objective, and re-enable it again (although it was never reported regarding the undead creatures packed on this mod);

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


- Bone Tyrant model, texture, animations, sounds, effects, spells, writing of the voice lines, bone sword weapon, necromaster minion, necromaster servant and necromaster totem models, textures, animations, sounds, effects, spells, new areas, game implementation;
- Bone Colossus and Bonelings models, textures, animations, effects, spells, sounds, game implementation;
- re-modelling/mounting of the bones used for the Ancient Skeletons and the Bonemasters, mounting of the Ancient Skeletons armors, improvement and enlargment of the textures, animations, game implementation
- Bone Hawk models, textures, animations, sound fix, enlargement and improvement of the Bone Hawk's loot and jewerly textures, game implementation;
- Mourning Souls models, textures, weapons, effects, sounds, animations, game implementation;
- game implementation of the Draugr patrols and their guard houses;
- Ghosts models, textures, effects, sounds, animations, game implementation;
- Gravelord and Gravelord Servant models, textures, sounds, animations, loot, effects and game implementation;
- re-modelling of the Nord Mastiff models, draugulf textures, concept and part of the model, dogs sounds, animations and game implementation;
- Chilling Spectre, Flaming Spectre and Sparking Spectre models, textures and animations; Guardian Spectres, Enthralled Wraiths, Ancestor Guardians and Hemonculous magic effects, spells, sounds and game implementation; new boss battle arenas;
- re-modelling of the vanilla Child's Doll used as base to this creature; textures, animation, effects, spells, game implementation;
- part of the Samaria's model and textures, re-modeling and re-texture of the other part, sounds, effects, game implementation;
-  re-modelling of the Hym model; textures, animations, effects, spells, sounds, scripts, loot, game implementation;
- half of the Liches model, re-modelling of the other half, half of the textures, improvement and enlargement of the other half, animations, loot, effects, game implementation writing of the Liches lines (i inspired myself on Adventure Time's Lich lines, obviously adapted here to tes universe);
- Necro Priests models, textures, animations, weapon, areas, effects, spells, sounds, game implementation;
- re-modelling of the original Rotten Maiden models, parts of the models of some variants, some textures and re-textures, effects, loot, spells, sounds, animations, game implementation; 
- re-modeling of the original Skinned Hound and Zombie Dog models, animations, sounds, loot, game implementation;
- re-modelling of the original Undead Werewolves models, animations, fur model and textures, blood texture effect, sounds, game implementation;
- Skeletal Vampires model, textures (modified from vanilla skeleton texture), animations, sounds, game implementation;
- re-modeling and mounting of the various model parts (wood, iron plates, bone, etc) in order to create the forms of the Wraith Knights and Legion they have in the War Revenants mod (including the weapons and shields), animations, effects, sounds, concept and creation of the ruins of Grasmere and dungeon of Grasmere Keep, game implementation;
- Wraiths model, textures, spells, effects, sound, animations, game implementation;

Voice actors:

-Amin Khani- dubbing of Bone Goliath lines; dubbing of the Liches lines; 
writing and dubbing of the Legion lines; 
-ex0tekk- dubbing of Bone Tyrant lines;

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

-RustyShackeFord- he helped me with more lore info about several of the creatures on this mod;
-SoN6of6TrediS - re-modeling of a previous model version of my Bone Tyrant in order to create the Bone Goliath,
Bone Goliath texture;  Enthralled Wraith and Vigilant Ancestor/Hemonculous models, textures and animations; 
-CG Treat Studio- for the Bone Goliath mace model and texture;
-SimonSiminss- amazing tutorials about changing magic colors and amazing blue fire magic textures;
-Babooncru and MangoMonkey- i used their necromancer robes as clothing for my Bonemasters
(but i modified its hue to match 2 of the variants);
-Fantasy & World Music by the Fiechters- Soundtrack used on the new Necro Priest areas
-music "The Hearse Song" with author unknown (from the time of 1st World War)
and performed by MissShadowLovely on her channel, used on Child's Dolls dialogue;
-Bensound- Legion boss fight soundtrack;
Vicn- i started the model of the boneling using as base a vanilla skeleton rigged as riekling by him;
- Phiit and Tamira (Phiit's Sheogorad Resource Part One)- i used the more complex Hawk animations made by Phiit and converted/ported to skyrim by Tamira in order to give to my Hawk replacer neck and head animations besides the vanilla wing and body movement. My Bone Hawk replacer, despite having differences in comparison to my Hawk replacer, still uses the same root;
CD PROJEKT RED- some of the single bones used on the bone colossi; original models and textures 
of bones used on Ancient Skeletons and Bonemasters, and rusty metal pieces used on the Ancient Skeleton Armors; soundtrack in Bone Tyrant and Goliath arenas; original Nord Mastiffs models and textures; part of the Ghosts ragged clothes; in order to save time i used and re-modeled a vanilla female body and cloth from them in order to make Samaria's model and textures; original Hym model; i used some of their outfits and clutter models and textures for part of the Liches outfits and clutter models and textures, also i modified an undead witcher's vanilla head for the Liches head; original Rotten Maidens models and textures; original Skinned Hound model and texture; original Undead Werewolves models and textures; original War Revenants model parts and textures, also weapons and shields; in order to save time I made the Wraith's head using as base a Witcher 3 vanilla head, re-modeled/modified by me of course to match the Wraith's look., also used an jewelry for the amulet of the sanctified Wraith; i used the track Witch Hunters as soundtrack of the new Guardian Spectres mod boss battles;
Powerofthree- i used and adapted his strange runes models, textures and animations in order to add the giant back rune on all the Guardian Spectres, and also on Ancestor Guardian/ Hemonculous;
cALAMIN- for some of the hd cubemaps; 
GSC Game World  (info) (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) - original Zombie Dogs models and textures; 
Lifestorock and his collaborators- i used one of his Draugr textures in order to create the Draugr textures of the Draugr Patrollers;
74_mos- for the ebony staff model and texture;
majormodder- i used his Draugr Shield for the Draugr Patrols; 




If you like my work, don't forget to endorse this mod. 

It's free, fast and very important for the continuation of this nonprofit work.



I do not supervise or test translations made by other users for my mods, not even those linked 
on my mod pages. So, before using them, make sure they are in the same version as the current 
version of my mods, if not, do not install them or they will mess with my current official version.
The same applies to ports for XBOX, I do not do the ports or test them myself, 
so you should also make sure they are up to date with my official PC releases.


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