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Added: 23/02/2012 - 02:40PM
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Last updated at 18:51, 29 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 14:40, 23 Feb 2012

If you are using a lighting mod like Realistic Lighting you have probably noticed that the inside buildings and dungeons are too dark. The reason is Skyrim lighting was not programmed with a realistic lighting mod in mind. Since I don't believe you shouldn't need a torch just to find your bed I created this mod to fix that issue by changing the way lights work better illuminate those forgotten corners.

I use STEP with Realistic Lighting and my own customized ini file that I have included for your convenience. You don't need to use it -- it's just there if you want it.

I am also working on making sure that sunlight isn't finding it's way into buildings and dungeons at night. It works well, and at night places that get a lot of sun during the day can become quite dark. At the moment light just switch off at 7pm and switch back on at 6am -- I am working on a way to fade the lights out so it's only truly dark for a few hours -- but I'm note there yet. If you don't like the idea of instant on/off or just like places to be well lit just download the other version.

Please remember this is a work in progress -- the word is too large for me to look at every place all by myself so I need your help. If you find any places that are too dark/bright please let me know. The best thing to do is to bring up the Console (~ Key) and click on something in the room, that will give you an item ID (like: 000dcc43). Please post that because I can then look it up and get the exact room you are in.

Don't forget to come back and endorse if you like my work -- it keeps me motivated and will insure continued work on this mod! If there is something keeping you from endorsing please let me know and I may attempt to fix it.

v1.2.1 -- updated the realistic lighting ini, making it just a tad bit darker inside buildings -- updated light's out script to be more efficient.

v1.2 -- Finalized (for now) the day/night cycles, still needs some work -- but it's all I can do for now. Added a custom ini file to fix areas that were pitch black when they shouldn't have been.

v1.1 -- Added day/night cycles to buildings and dungeons. At night it is much darker -- during the day it is a little bit brighter. (Working on fading this in/out over a few hours, not all places work -- but most do -- please report anything that is getting sunlight after 8pm -- also report things that are dark after 8pm that should not be)

v1.0 -- All of Skyrim has been adjusted -- Most areas should be better than they were before, a few places may be worse. Please give feed back on problem areas so I can fix them

v0.1 -- Riverwood