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once cast, several magic missiles are fired and automatically track moving enemy

Permissions and credits
to mimic old arcade style

 - missiles are randomly set to detected enemies
 - longest range search, heavy shots of missiles
 - fire first and scan enemy to lock
 - may work slightly slower than other versions
 - flame, icicle, or ball lightning missile with separate explosions
 - Calcelmo sells Spellbook

 - lock and fire, only instant scan when firing
 - slightly faster activation/homing and decreased missile call
 - fire at your FOV, not backward


V2 : 
  - Faralda sells Spellbook
  - instant lock to your forward enemies, no waiting for scanning
  - missile accelerates by time for faster enemies
  - explosion 'remnant' will damage the zone for a short moment, rather than only instant explosion
  - Dragonrend effect integrated, more damage than V1

V2 .esp paramaters :

accelMult1, fFleeTranslationSpeed : missile speed
FOFZX : forward angle of fire
flatency : homing update time
lifecycle0 : update limits
TgtControl : target lock/hit indicator

MODL_filename : .nif model of missile body

V2 optional   (2023-01-15) :

- added flaming pumpkinhead projectile , instead of white ball

{ Credits }
Pumpkin head is originally from Homuras Cute Halloween Costume by H.homura (