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Replaces the combat grunts for the male player character

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Replaces the combat grunts for the male player character. Fits best for a Nord or even Orc character. I'm not doing different variations, so I hope ya like this version! If you'd really like I've included files for each race, in case you'd like to play as a swole elf. Also, note that this mod REPLACES the sound files in the game, and does not add in new ones, so npcs may also use these sounds in combat, depending on which version you install. If anyone knows how to add a unique dialogue system for the player character, then please let me know!

Also, if you haven't already, you should download Dragonborn Shouts Re-voiced; they're both recorded by me and go together perfectly! I decided to put them as separate mods for organizational purposes.

Tis a simple replacer mod. Your game isn't gonna crash or anything lol. The only problem you'd have is if there's other mods which directly affect or change the dialogue files

-Feel free to port to console! Make sure to credit me by name of course, and we'll be good.