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Non-player werewolves and werebears can now also perform killing blows randomly (from mauling, to decapitation bites), and also use sprint attacks when they pursue you.

Permissions and credits
I can't be the only one who noticed that only the player is able to perform killmoves in beast form, so this mod aims to make encounters with non-player werewolves and werebears a bit more challenging by making them able to perform killmoves too, by adding a new scripted effect to their racial abilities. For instance, that script calculates if the target's current HP is equal to- or less than the werewolf's unarmed damage output (timed by x5) and when those conditions are met, the werewolf has a chance to perform a random killmove on their target. This script also makes enemy werebeasts able to perform sprint attacks while chasing you.

Another thing this mod does is to add another condition check on the werewolf knockback effect, to prevent werewolves from knocking back targets who are already involved in a paired animation. Seriously, that bug really annoyed me, when my character was excecuting one of those elusive killing blows on an enemy and then suddenly my werewolf companions would knock the enemy out of my grasp, interrupting the animation and also rendered the target invulnerable until I was able to trigger another killmove animation, praying that they wouldn't get knocked back once more...

I recommend using this with mods that adds more werewolves in the wilderness. But if you're really desperate to see if this mod works as it should, you can always console-spawn a bunch of werewolves in a city by entering "help werewolf" and then "player.placeatme xxxxx x" (with the ID of a specific werewolf). You might want to use the command "tim" as well.

This mod has been patched for the following mods:
Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim
Manbeast - A Werewolf Overhaul
Moonlight Tales SE
Bloodmoon Rising
And an additional patch for VioLens

I can comfirm that this mod runs fine along with Maximum Carnage! :D

Manual installation:
Download the archive, open it in some zip program and extract the Data folder to your Skyrim directory (such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim), then you enable the DeadlierWerewolfNPCs.esp plugin in a mod manager of your choice, including the Skyrim Launcher, or Wrye Bash.

Known issues:
Just like when the player performs the killmoves in beast form, the characters involved in the animation will sometimes freeze for a few seconds when the animation is initiated. I have no idea how to fix that, as I've never really figured out how to work with paired animations.

I included the source code in the BSA file in case somebody's curious to see how I scripted this mod. Somebody might want to help me improve it even more.

If anyone wants to translate this mod, go ahead, just give me a heads-up when you do ^^