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A group of bandit ventured to an old abandoned mine called Lost Peril Mine, somewhere on Solstheim in search for the Heart of Aknznd. Little did they know that the mine was inhabited by Falmers until it was too late.

Permissions and credits
The Heart of Aknznd
by: venjhammet

     During the time when dwemer race existed there was a young dwarven prince who was gravely ill and was dying. In order to escape death, he offered the builder his heart for immortality. Thus came to be known as the Heart of Aknznd. But no one knows exactly what it was. Some say it was a key to unlock some sort of a powerful weapon. Many had gone searching for it but it was lost in time. Until a mining expedition found it's ruin beneath the north eastern part of Solstheim. Head to Lost Peril Mine and discover the ruins of Aknznd.

Important things to take note:

1. This mod uses vanilla assets only
2. Radiant quest enabled dungeon
3. Semi-hard difficulty dungeon
4. Dungeon has Four (4) highly detailed cells
5. Enemy npc uses vanilla stats except for the final Boss which will level up with the player
6. Also available for Special Edition:

-no port to console. Nexusmods exclusive only
-no posting on other site please
-compatible with all of my other Standalone Dungeons, Reworked Dungeons, Hammet Dungeon Pack and New Vominheim


-extended the 2nd and 4th cell
-improve the quest stages so that quest marker points the correct way
-added sky exterior when viewing holes on ceiling

-relocated just upper part of the slope cause it was too near on my Creshaw Hollow dungeon

Incompatibility issue:
-conflict of location of dungeon if there are other mods that happen to use the same location

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