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Darklocq - JDJ3 AKA NordWarUA

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Updates "Unplayable Faction Armors LE" for compatibility with "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch", plus some typographical tweaks, and now also tempering fixes.

Permissions and credits
This is a simple ESP-replacer patch for "Unplayable Faction Armors LE", to make it compatible with "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch".  UFA had undone several USLEP fixes.  I kept intentional changes by UFA (e.g. a total overhaul of one of the high-ranking Vigilants).  Also fixed various typos.  And gave distinct names to items in two cases where the same name was given to two different mod-added things.  And sorted the masters in the correct LOOT order.  Now also fixes incorrect tempering records for weapons.

Just to be clear, this is new armor for unplayable factions, not unplayable armor for factions (there wouldn't be tempering records to fix if you couldn't use it :-)

The armor is not craftable from scratch; it remains faction armor (you obtain it from faction members who have died).

Requirements and Installation

* "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch"

* "Unplayable Faction Armors LE" ("Standard Edition" only).
Repeat: "Standard Edition" only.  This is not for the "Standalone Edition".  I'm not sure why anyone would want that anyway, since it doesn't do anything but add craftable stuff (if you're already doing a lot of that, I bet you know how to make your own patches).
* Then install this patch like any other mod, with a mod manager or manually.  If asked to overwrite an existing "DIS_Armor_Fractions.esp", then do so.

Compatibility Notes

Important: This patch is for UFA for Legendary Edition; it has nothing to do with Special Edition.  The SE version is probably already compatible with Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (which is not the same as USLEP), and if not that's a patching job for an SE player to do.

This patch should merge cleanly into UFA, via zEdit's zMerge, xEdit Merge Plugins Script, or the stand-alone Merge Plugins app.

As far as I can tell, the original mod and this patch are compatible with "Keeper Carcette Survives".  The survivor Carcette is actually a different NPC, and even has a new custom weapon provided by KCS, and that's fine. She just lost her UFA weapon during the attack on the Vigilants' hall.  You would never have seen her with a UFA weapon unless you happened to run into her before you hit level 10 or whenever it is that Dawnguard starts up.

I have no idea how well this plays with the mod "Vigilant", since I don't use it.  Something to ask about at the UFA mod's Posts page (probably the SE version; I don't think anyone's paying attention to the LE version's Posts page).

Permissions and Credits

I impose no restrictions of any kind (including translation-related ones) beyond those applicable to the original mod (which are looser than average, but still require permission to re-use assets in new mods, and forbid use in paid mods).  This mod will be taken down if the original author integrates the fixes, since the patch would then no longer serve a purpose.

UFA is by JDJ3 a.k.a. NordWarUA.  USLEP is by Arthmoor and friends.  This patch just tweaks ESP records to work better together and for typographic consistency with the rest of the game.  The Nexus image used is from the original mod's page, with text added by me.