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To the Bat Mobile!!
Well unless you enjoy watching your character walk (which most of you do!) and roleplay the whole scene following NPC babbling their heart out, then this mod is for you. (Thanks RONIN!)

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Original statement/description from SE page

This mod makes NPCs run instead of walk when you are escorting them for certain quests, such as Erandur during the quest Waking Nightmare.

Currently affects:
Farkas showing the player their quarters
The entirety of the quest Waking Nightmare with Erandur
All Greybeards quests
Viarmo heading to court
Brynjolf escort to Mercer
Gulum Ei during the EETC quest
Synod mage escort in Mzulft
Gianna in the DB quest
Karliah confronting the Thieve's Guild
Brynjolf and Karliah in Nightingale Hall
And many more.

I am still expanding on this mod and if you know of any slow walking quest NPCs let me know.