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Relaunch of a mod to fix a slew of problems with object placement, world seams, lighting, etc., in Whiterun, Riverwood, and Riften.

Permissions and credits
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This is a re-release of Unofficial Skyrim City Patch (abandoned in 2017), with bug/compatibility fixes and now new features.  It is a mod that fixes a slew of problems in three cities of Skyrim:

* Whiterun (exterior and interiors, including Dragonsreach)
* Riverwood (exterior and interiors)
* Riften (exterior and some interiors; removes invisible grass that contributed to Riften's terrible frame rate).

Fixes include: houses floating above the ground; chimneys not emitting smoke; invisible underground rocks and other junk being rendered and slowing the framerate; incorrect alignment of light sources with fire pits, windows, houses, etc.; mis-placed/misaligned objects, "fixes" by USLEP that were not actual fixes or not quite good enough; removes hidden grass from Riften (the crashiest and most system-stressing city in the game); adds objects that actually belong; fixes worldspace seam problems that allowed looking into "the void"; and much more. Over 10,000 tweaks mostly by the Master of Patience, DDVIL.

Eine deutsche Version ist jetzt verfügbar (a German version is now available).
Bunun Türkçe versiyonu artık mevcut (a Turkish version is now available).

More fixes in this new edition:

* 1.6.6: Stupid me; I zipped up the old version in 1.6.5; 1.6.6 has the wild edits fixes for real. Sorry about that.
* 1.6.5: Removes some "wild edits" (empty cell records and missing formIDs); thanks to RenaPG.
* 1.6.4: Removes broken occlusion culling in Honeyside's basement; thanks to Drift91.
* 1.6.3: Fixes clipping of chests in Faringar's room, Dragonsreach, Whiterun.
* 1.6.3: Added patch for "Immersive Content - Realistic Outdoor Lights" (as separate download).
* 1.6.2b: Fixes clipping of cabinets under Jarl Balgruf's desk in Dragonsreach.
* 1.6.2b: Masters cleaned.  Mod renamed slightly.
* 1.6.1b: Better compatibility with "Skyrim Project Optimization" (may not be complete compatibility; needs testing).
* 1.6.0: Home and tavern fires no longer damage NPCs.
* 1.6.0: Wall/floor flickering problems in Dragonsreach, especially with "ELFX - Interior", should be resolved. This does not necessarily guarantee full compatibility with "ELFX - Interior"; the original mod was not designed to be compatible with it.

See the original mod's page at Nexus for hundreds of animated-GIF "before and after" screenshots.

Original Mod's Description


Since a lot of people were asking for a longer/better explanation of my mod (seems like over 500 screenshots is not enough to some) I've decided to update the description to be up to date with the new update changes. So sit back, relax, and read this boring explanation of what this does and doesn't do.

What does this mod do:

  • Improves performance of every cell in Whiterun (at this point in time is just the only city that is covered by this).
    The framerate gains will range from 15%+ to just 10% in some areas depending on your CPU and mods loaded. If you have any mods that add a lot of items and increase the polygon count of the meshes such as SIMM, this will greatly improve your performance). And yes I KNOW there's a mod that already does this, but nowhere near as good as this one, not when it comes to Whiterun. This isn't "debatable" or an opinion, it's  a fact, just check the framerates between these two mods. And REMEMBER this mod ADDS things to the cells, the other doesn't. So the fact that you still end with a better framerate is pretty cool.
  • Adds missing misc like candle lights where there was light sources, roofs in the interior cells where you could just see through the walls. Dinning plates on some cells that had the food on the table (like pies).
  • Adds some black "textures" behind certain doors, walls and other things so you don't see though them into the skybox, this is particularly annoying on some inside doors where you once open them can see a bright light that just leads into the clouds. "oh but since it's a door connected to exterior cells it makes sense". No! these are doors linked to other rooms.
  • Fixes pretty much every single miss-aligned object, wall, building, door, table, candle, fire pit, chair, weapon rack, water texture, smoke effect, (the list goes on) in the game.

 What this mod doesn't do:

  • Fixes quests.
  • Game breaking bugs like engine related problems that make your game crash (though some people have said their game stopped crashing when they enabled this mod, though it might be from the f*ton of objects I've disabled).
  • Robotic animations.
  • Sound problems, of any type.
  • Your 300+ sexy always up for hot sex, scantly clad maid mods that seem to crash your game every time you try to dry-hump them.
  • Horrible looking meshes.
  • Low quality textures.
  • The Empire sucking balls.
  • Other mods(?) except some mistakes the USLEEP team made.

OBS: I've edited over 10k things, so no I didn't take a screenshot for every change made, just for some. I could upload the rest of the screenshots I have but I've been bored, and 300+ screenshots will bore you too by the end of it.


Q: "Uh, your mod sucks noob"
A: Do better, now bounce.

Q: "omg there's conflicts, when I use TES5EDIT and compare it to USLEEP"
A: OFC there is. You're comparing two mods that alter things... Their values will NEVER be the same. But none of them cause problems. For some goddamn reason TES5EDIT STILL sees things I've changed as conflict, like I move an object, after loading everything from all the patches and all the DLCs + USLEEP and it STILL sees it as a conflict even though I just changed the items location. So yeah, learn to live with that, I've checked every single item that I've changed, TWICE the engine literally chooses what it wants to mark as a conflict and what not. I've deleted the records, went back into CK and changed it again, and it still shows as a conflict. What is the conflict you ask? Nothing but the item's position data. So yeah. Check for yourself if you don't believe me. For some strange reason it shows red, which is conflict, but there is none.

Q: "Can I use other mods that alter lighting and other things with this"
A: Yes, I turned this into an ESM so you could do it. Any "problems" just hit me up, I'll make a patch. Remember to provide screenshots and explain in detail what is that is wrong, or else I won't make the patch.

Q: "How can I support your mod"
A: Whatever way you want.

Q: Why isn't there a Vanilla version of this new version?
A: In the works, I have to clean everything I added, that takes time, and TES5edit didn't save it the first time I did it so I got bored.

Q: Will you marry me?
A: Send the papers.

Special thanks to these people, in no particular order, because they either came forth to help with the old Whiterun patch, asked if needed help, donated
or were overall cool people. I appreciate it:
- Sthaagg, sirjesto, LucidAPs, CyborgArmGun,Craigdkilner -

Requirements and Installation

This requires "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch" (USLEP or USLeEP).
That in turn requires all three of the DLCs.

The original "Unofficial Skyrim City Patch" is not required; this version is a replacement of it.  But feel free to download and endorse it.

Install like any other mod, either with a mod manager or manually.  Mod manager users should remove the original mod first if installed.  Manual installers should overwrite an existing Unofficial Skyrim City Patch Modified.esm, if present.

Also remove, if present, both "Unofficial Riverwood Fix - Interior and Exterior Cells" (Unofficial Riverwood Fix.esp) and "Unofficial Riften Fix" (R I F T E N Fix 2.1.esp); those are old versions of 2/3 of this mod.

I would suggest putting this, in your load order, shortly after USLEP along with other game-wide patches like "Skyrim Supplemental Patch" and "Unofficial Skyrim Modders Patch".  This is where LOOT puts it automatically.

Known Compatibility

The following have been tested at least to some extent, accepting LOOT's load order:

General Mods:

* "DynDOLoD" - Users report problems when using this at the same time as DynDOLoD, including missing walls, etc. This is beyond my ability to repair, so this mod may have just reached the end of its practical lifespan, at least for DynDOLoD users.

Fix-it Mods:

* "Unofficial Skyrim Limited Edition Patch" (USLEP or USLeEP) - Compatible and actually required.
* "Unofficial Skyrim Patch", "Unofficial Dawnguard Patch", "Unofficial Hearthfire Patch", "Unofficial Dragonborn Patch" - Not compatible. These are obsolete and replaced by USLEP.  If for some dumb reason you are desperate to use them anyway, there's an iffy converter, "USLEEP Swap Masters Script". Try that at your own risk; I'm not going to offer support for it.
* "Skyrim Project Optimization" (SPO) - Compatible.  The one known conflict has been fixed in this version.
* "Skyrim Supplemental Patch" (SSP) - Compatible.
* "Skyrim Exterior Fixes" (SEF) - Compatible.
* "Cutting Room Floor" (CRF) - Compatible.
* "Quest Conflict Fixes" (QCF) - Compatible.
* "Unofficial Skyrim Modders Patch" (USMP) - Compatible.

Fortunately, all of this sort of mod are intended to work with each other.

Lighting Mods:

* "Relighting Skyrim" (RS) - Compatible but will remove some USCP light sources; part of the goal seems to be a darker Skyrim with less random ambient light, and instead light coming selectively from known sources.  Should not be used at the same time as ICROL, below.
* "TESLight Skyrim LE" - Both mods add light sources to the same cells, which leads to surface flickering and excessive brightness.  Could be made compatible by patching to remove the lights added by one mod or the other in the affected cities.
* "Immersive Content - Realistic Outdoor Lights" (ICROL) - Requires compatibility patch; see "Optional Files" section of USCP's Files page.  Should not be used with RS or TESLight, above.
* "Vivid Weathers" (VW) - No known issues so far.
* "Enhanced Lights and FX" (ELFX) - USCP is not compatible with "ELFX - Exterior".  Compatibility with "ELFX - Interior" is uncertain; at least one conflict between the two mods has been fixed, but this doesn't guarantee all of them have.  There are likely to be additional issues; ELFX is kind of its own thing and requires a lot of patching to work with other stuff.

Unfortunately, most mods of this sort are incompatible with each other; they're all trying to do the same thing.  So don't try to run RS, TESLight, and ICROL at the same time, or run multiple weathers mods at once, unless the mods say that's okay and provide patches for specific combinations. Even then, if they mess with city lighting sources, there may be problems, including with USCP.

Place Overhaul Mods:

* "Expanded Towns and Cities" (ETaC) - Reported to be compatible.
* "Open Cities" (OC) - Will conflict. In theory, if OC loads later, it will not matter, because it will replace the entire city exterior. But this has not been tested.
* "Palaces and Castles Enhanced" (PCE) - Reported to have missing walls/floors in Dragonsreach.  It is possible that the "ELFX - Interior" and "Skyrim Project Optimization" patching made in this version also resolved this problem for PCE, but this has not been tested.
* "Skyrim Radioactive" (SR) - Same as with PCE, above.

Unfortunately, any mod that radically changes any location covered by USCP is generally not going to be compatible with USCP.

Other Mods:

The only known incompatibilities are:

* "Blacksmith Forge Water Fix" (Balimund's trough is not in the same place, so the new water added for it does not line up with it).
* "Riften Temple Sconce Fix LE" (both that mod and USCP implement different fixes for the same visual problem).
* "Palaces and Castles Enhanced" (occlusion-plane problems in various places).
* "Skyrim Radioactive Interiors" (occlusion-plane problems in various places).

Unknown Compatibility:

"Street Cleaning - City FPS Helper" - Someone please test them together and report the results.

Permissions and Credits

I impose no restrictions of any kind on this, and the original had none either.

The first Unofficial Skyrim City Patch was by DDVIL.  Specific fixes integrated into this version were worked out by TagerJharn, MatthHunter, and Shakarian2154 in the Posts and Bugs sections of the original mod's Nexus page. All these named users who still have accounts receive an equal portion of the Nexus Mod Rewards/Donation Points for this mod.  DDVIL has also been made a manager of this mod at Nexus, in case they come back around.  DDVIL also credited (for unspecified help) Sthaagg, sirjesto, LucidAPS, CyborgArmGun, and Craigdkilner.  Some potential credit is also possibly due toward Arthmoor and the rest of the USKP/USLEP team, as USCP fixes some of the same things USLEP attempted to fix, just differently (but USLEP or USKP before it may have first identified them as problems to fix).  All images used are by DDVIL, from the original mod page.

Made It into "Hot Mods"

Even being a re-release, and competing with waifus. :-)