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Darklocq - DreamBurrow - zzjay - Grace Darkling - thefinn - NoseGoblin

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Patch for Regal Assassin Armor Rebalance + Hoods with Hairs version.

Permissions and credits
This is a patch for the hoods-with-hair add-on for Regal Assassin armor + the rebalance of that armor.

The original RA mod had really excessive armor and gold values for these thin items, so a rebalance patch was made.  That patch skipped the version of the hoods with [female] hair.  In checking them out, I found that they had wildly inconsistent values anyway, and were actually lower than the rebalance!

So, I've patched the hoods with hair to be the same as the hairless hood in the rebalance, i.e. to be the same as Leather Helmet.  Only last playthrough, I was wondering why I kept getting completely different values on these things!

I considered this worth doing because the gear is gorgeous, and is especially appropriate for assassins, thieves, mages, and (in style) Redguards, and is a majorly different alternative to the usual "barbarian or legionnaire" leather gear in the game.

Required, in order of installation

* "DreamBurrow's Regal Assassin Armor"
** "DreamBurrow's Regal Assassin Armor" main file
** "zzjay and Grace Darkling's Hoods With Hairs - DreamBurrow's Regal Assassin"  add-on file
* "Dreamburrow's Regal Assassins Armour Rebalance"
* This patch last.


Install as with any other mod, either with a mod manager or manually.

After installing all the required files, you should end up with meshes and textures, and two ESP files (the rebalance overwrites the main one, and my patch overwrites the other).  This patch (like the rebalance) uses no mod slot of its own.  You can merge the ESPs via any of the usual means of mod merging (I prefer the Merge Plugins script in TES5Edit).

Permissions and Credits

I impose no additional restrictions not imposed by the original authors of the base mods.  The RA gear itself has no restrictions at all, and the hairs mod specifically pre-authorizes ESP patches.  The relevant existing restrictions, on the with-hair mod, are: "If we won't answer in 2 weeks u have permission to use for free mods only.  If you wish to reupload on other sites, contact me [zzjay], but it has to be free!".  No resources were used from the rebalance.

The armor design is by DreamBurrow.  The addition of hair is by zzjay and Grace Darkling.  The rebalance is by thefinn.  Oh, and the DreamBurrow design is actually a retexture of "Assassin, Rangers and Thieves Armor" by NoseGoblin (no resources of which were used for this patch).  They all get an equal share of any Mod Rewards/Donation Points earned by this mod.

The image used for the mod is from the original zzjay/Grace with-hairs mod, but I edited out the goofy and lore-unfriendly "goat elf" ears.