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A Rebalance of some really nice armour.

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If you are coming back for an update please consider Endorsing - it's the only love I get.

I am a guy so I don't use the word beautiful much unless there's a woman involved, but this is really beautiful armour. It's a favourite of mine as it comes as clothing or light armour and has male and female outfits, all of which are craftable.

If you use something like ACE where even light armour has a penalty associated with it for stealth and want clothing you are going to have a hard time finding a decent male outfit unless you wear robes. This is a great mod for that ;)

Unfortunately the original mod had some really OP armour values for leather (more than double the leather armour values), so I rebalanced it back to the same as leather. It was annoying me, so I changed it and figured I'd upload the changes.

I haven't done the "with hairs" version, but I can if people really want it.

Will update later to change the crafting materials and value for it most likely.

Please remember to post any issues you might run across - enjoy!

You need the original mod here:
Dreamburrows Regal Assassins Armor

Install that original mod first, then install my mod and overwrite the esp.

1.0 Initial Release - I changed the Armour to be the exact same as Leather.
1.1 Fixed a bug that occurred in the original mod related to bandoliers.
1.2 Changed all the crafting requirements and price of the armour - all is now the same as leather.
(I have kept the weight as originally intended by Dreamburrrow).

Mods used in the pictures.
Face Masks of Skyrim
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches