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Modifies the shape of SunJeong's HG Feet mod to be more feminine and pleasant to the eye, as well as fix issues that plagued the original mod.

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Taken verbatim from the original SSE mod page


This modification of SunJeong's HG Feet mod aims to further polish the model, making it more feminine and realistic. Most of the modifications were focused on the soles, however most aspects of said model have been edited, including the toes, ankles, heel, and so on. Issues that plagued the original HG Feet (Ankle seams even after building in bodyslide, as well as nail seams/clipping) have all been fixed.

Reason for Creating:

Most of the foot mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are flawed in one way or the other. Many point to RP's Healthy Feet as the best foot mod we have, however I believe this couldn't be further from the truth, and that labeling said mod as "healthy" gives users a false representation as to what healthy feet actually look like. The main issue I have with RP's Feet is the over-exaggerated horizontal curvature of the spine. You see, when you look at the soles of a foot at certain angles, you'll get that kind of curvature. But if you're just looking at the Sole straight-on, it just shouldn't look like that. They were definitely trying to get that curvature, because it is appealing, but they went about it completely wrong. That curvature exists because of multiple different factors. Most predominantly would be the vertical curve of the spine. You can actually see this for yourself if you look at the interior side of your foot -- That Ridge between the ball and the heel.

Another factor would be the relationship between the ball of the foot and the toes. When you point your toes upward, the ball of your foot gets pushed down, which further increases the curvature of the concave spine. The issue with RP's feet is that, for whatever reason, they artificially reinforced this curvature by doing it horizontally as well as vertically -- making the ball of the foot appear wider by making the spine horizontally concave instead of purely vertically. The influence for this would undoubtedly be from pictures of feet where the ball of the foot appears wider than the bottom/middle of the soles. However this can be extremely misleading, as those pictures aren't of feet that pointing at a 90 degree angle, but are actually tilted towards the viewer. Couple this with toes that are pointed upwards and it makes you think that the ball of the foot is supposed to be that wide in a resting position. But no. It is merely a result of certain viewing angles.

Here is a visualization of what I am talking about. Below you will see pictures of RP's Feet. This is the curvature that RP feet is going for, it looks quite pleasing to the eye at this angle.

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This curvature is due to the vertical curvature of the spine, as can be seen below:

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RP Feet goes overboard, however, and implements an extremely exaggerated horizontal spine curve to further accentuate the curve, as can be seen below. This is not healthy, and just looks awful.

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The Original HG Feet:

The original HG Feet, created by SunJeong, was the first high quality foot mod that I feel UNP and BHUNP got. Of course, it wasn't without issues. The overall shape, while far superior to the other foot models available, left much to be desired. The nails were horribly disfigured up close:

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The ankles had seams with the upper body before building it in bodyslide with a zeroed slider body, and it had seams after building it in bodyslide:

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All of these issues have been fixed. No more nail seams, no more ankle seams. What HG Feet BHUNP should have been out of the box. But this mod takes it a step further, and improves the overall shape of the foot as well. The soles have been meticulously sculpted to be as accurate as possible. The ridge beneath the toes has been implemented, whereas before it was pretty much non-existent, and so much more. Every inch of the foot has been edited.

Planned Features/Changes:

- Fix the seams/clipping of the nails. HG Feet's nails come out of the box with seams, gaps, clipping, you name it. You wouldn't notice it from afar, in fact I believe the majority of the users of HG Feet aren't aware of it, but they're definitely there. Added in version 1.5 (6/1/2021)
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- Fine tweak the overall shape. I don't claim to be perfect, I am subject to bias and adhering too much to a single influence/reference, or set of influences/references. If you believe an improvement can be made, by all means let me know in a detailed and descriptive manner.
- Bug fixes (If applicable) The original HG Feet's bodyslide has ankle seams, even out of the box. I attempted to fix this. I believe I managed to pull it off from my tests thus far, but please let me know if the issue still persists.
- Claw Nails. I actually already have this nearly done already. It's just a little rough at the moment, needs more work. Implemented, Added with version 1.5 (Claws) (6/1/2021)
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- Add bodyslide support for vanilla shoes Implemented, added with version 1.6
- Improve High Heel model

Note about 1.6.1 Release:

With the release of 1.6.1, the ankle malformations are fixed. In addition, the high heel slider is available. However, said slider makes the toes very small. I would not recommend using it, or at least, don't push the slider too far to the right.