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Adds a dress inspired by Lady Dimitrescu to Skyrim

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This is a pretty janky version of the Dimitrescu outfit I cobbled together using made from scratch 3D assets that were never meant for gameplay (they were originally made for 3D modeling). Using my limited abilities in Blender, I made them as game ready as I could. They had no UV mapping and literally nearly 2 million vertices. So it's a bit janky for many reasons and it's why I'm considering this a WIP. Maybe as I get better, I can make improvements.

Another important note would be her claws. In Resident Evil Village, Dimitrescu has claws that come out of her fingers. However, the way you attack hand to hand in Skyrim is with your fists and not an open palm, so as you can imagine, attacking with the claws looks terrible. To see for myself, I used some place holder spikes on her fingers as a proof of concept. In combat it looks terrible. For posing/pictures some finger claws would actually look great. You can look at the "Future Plans" section of this page to see what I plan to do as a solution for the claws.

Speaking of combat, the dress's vertices are kind of a jumbled mess because they were never made for movement. I did the best I could for weight painting, but it'll likely need SMP weight painting to look half decent. So, some leg poses/movements may not look so great. There will also be some clipping on the bottom legs.


  • Dress
  • Pearl Earrings
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Flower Brooch
  • Gloves
  • Hat with Wig
  • Really Strong High Heels
  • Bodyslide Files

  1. I plan to replace the place holder spikes on her "Clawed Gloves" with claws. It'll still only be good for posing and not for combat though.
  2. For combat, I plan to add "wolverine style" claws. So that when you attack with them, it doesn't look goofy.
  3. I'm making a follower of her (and her daughters) in the future. The WIP version of her is in the screen shots of this mod.
  4. I've tried making BHUNP Bodyslide files for the dress, but I'll need more time. For some reason it wasn't working for me with the latest versions of Bodyslide and BHUNP. The sliders worked for the dress, but not the body. Once I figure out the issue, I'll make BHUNP bodyslide files for it.

Highmoon Hall (Morthal Jarl's House)

Skyrim (LE)
UNP or CBBE Skin Texture
Bodyslide (LE)
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended -XPMSE (LE)
HDT Physics (LE)

Skyrim (SSE)
UNP or CBBE Skin Texture
Bodyslide (SSE)
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE (SSE)
CBPC - CBP Physics with Collisions (SSE)

ENB Preset

Maksim Kankulov - for original sculpt for the dress, flower brooch, and necklace
ChamberSu1996 - for original hat modelCaliente - for bodyslide -
ousnius - for Bodyslide -
Dimon99 - for UNP -
Kalilies and Stealthic - for KS Hair Renewal -
crential - for high heels -