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Ruinachs are giant four-armed monstrosities that serve as Dagon’s elite marauders, and of all the beasts that live in the Deadlands, they're the ones most like the Prince of Destruction in form and in fury. They believe that their race grew from Dagon’s actual flesh—an unforeseen result of Almalexia’s vicious attack during their battle.

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Officially announced for the first time in the middle of April 2021, to be released on ESO's new DLC in June, Blackwood, the Ruinachs are now also available to Skyrim players, in Mihail's reinterpretation of the concept of this daedra, to the world of TES 5.

Ruinachs, also known as Ruinochs, Harbingers and Sarmissonays'um ghoul-things (this last one specifically by Deldrise Morvayn in The Truth in Sequence) are four-armed monstrosities that serve as Dagon’s elite marauders. They don’t possess that ruthless cunning and strategic brilliance of the Dremora, but they make up for it in brute strength and unflinching loyalty to Dagon personally. Of all the beasts that live in the Deadlands, the Ruinach is the one most like the Prince of Destruction in form and in fury. Created by a fiery malevolence in his terrible image, the Ruinach is a terror to all those who look upon this multi-limbed, muscle-bound monstrosity. They wear armor similar to the set used by Dagon himself in the invasion of the Oblivion Crisis, and appear in color variants from orange to intense red, and also in different sizes, although always about the size of a Giant. Unlike Dagon himself, part of a Ruinach's body is covered in thick, coarse fur, and the horns on their skulls vary in shape and size depending on the variant.

No one knows Ruinachs’ true origins, but we do know they’re a relatively recent addition to Mehrunes Dagon’s army of immortal monsters. Some mages and historians believe they grew from Dagon’s actual flesh—an unforeseen result of Almalexia’s vicious attack during the Battle of Mournhold. The Kyn think that’s total bunk, but the Ruinachs seem to accept it as gospel truth, and every Ruinach claims direct Dagonic ancestry. Their fanaticism runs so deep that they sometimes refer to themselves as the ‘fifth hand’ and believe they are a direct manifestation of Dagon’s will.

In combat they use their four strong arms to deliver powerful blows using a wide variety of daedric weapons. They also have powerful pyromantic abilities, summoning large fire meteors in combat. This affinity for fire is also demonstrated in their complete resistance to this element, although they present some fragility to the ice magic.

Thankfully for the people of Tamriel, the Ruinach is not often found outside of Mehrunes Dagon’s realm, despite this, some reckless cultists occasionally manage to summon some, which generally does not end well for them, and it is common for a whole group of cultists to end up charred at the feet of a Ruinach furious at having been removed from the presence of his beloved master in Oblivion.

With this mod, Ruinachs can be found in new ruins occupied by (probably charred) daedric cultists, and by defeating these Ruinachs, it is possible to acquire the spells to summon these beasts. They are present in the Demolisher and Blazemaul variants.

1 new creature: Ruinach, in 2 variants

2 new spells

2 new areas

- The last Skyrim Update
- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- Ruinach models, textures, animations, sounds, spells,
areas, writing of the voice lines, game implementation

Voice actor:

Kyle Boon (twitter)- Ruinach voice lines

(This mod was made with the support of The Skyrim Voice Alliance. If you are 
interested in helping out with the development of this project or elder scrolls 
content in general, please join The Skyrim Voice Alliance server)

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

first of all, thanks to Zenimax and Bethesda for the original concept and lore about Ruinachs;
cALAMIN- for the hd cubemap of the armor;
Fiechter Brothers- soundtrack inside new ruins