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  1. MihailMods
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    Hi friends, you may have noticed that I am quite absent from both Nexus and my Discord server, but it is for a good cause. I'm nearly not answering comments (but i commonly read) and im reading very few pms (I have about 700 to answer) because I'm working a lot on a mod quest that is getting very big and with many hours of duration, and that it will take a few months to be ready. This takes a lot of time, dedication, recruiting voice actors, I still need to model a lot of weapons, creatures, etc., and I'm out of time to launch new mods, and interact, but it will be worth it.
    Anyone who really knows me, knows how much I love The Elder Scrolls and making mods for it. Those who really know me know how much I respect and care for you who are part of this community. Of course, there are also a lot of incels who hate me with all their strength, but i could not care less abouth their pitifull lifes.
    The community has always been important to me, and I can say that modding saved my life, since it was a light at the end of the tunnel after years in a certain depression after having to leave the sport due to serious injuries, and feeling without challenges or being productive. Modding saved me, in fact.
    I am in a new phase in this modder career. People need to understand that a good role-playing game is made of creatures, specially a medieval role-playing game. Means nothing having a thousand inventory mods, armor, weapons, locations, if you don't have good creatures. And when I talk about good creatures, I’m not just talking about good models, I’m talking about immersion, things that make them unique. I speak of sounds, effects, loots, new places for them, new skills, behavior, in resume, care and respect on implementation. Without it, a thousand creatures means the same as 0. So I realized that this was what was missing in the community, so for 3 years I focused on that, on giving you creatures made in a really respectful way and with love for TES and for you. But now I can finally say that if you use my creatures, you will have a unique, fun, memorable experience, everything is done by me with the most extreme detail and dedication, from heart to heart, for you to have fun, without charging anything in exchange. Now that I've done this, I can focus on other projects, I'm working full time on the quests I've been working on for years, and soon they'll start to come out. They are giant quests, well done, done with respect to lore, and with great affection for you, and with many of my creatures, in complex and engaging stories. I will still be launching creatures and armor standalone mods, but only because I will need them for future quests, so I would have to do them one way or the other. Of course, I will also be finalizing old mods that are currently hidden. I would go for several months without posting anything, but then I thought: damn it, I could be launching something I'm doing for the quest I'm going to launch soon, I won't spoil much, but I can launch 5 or 6 creatures , some armor, as a way of caring for the community, and to dont abandon it. I also have a lot of things that have been ready for a long time on .rar, and I can launch something from there for you too, so you will not stay without anything for a long time. So we have a deal, I will be launching some stuff, usually things that I have to do for my quest that I'm working on, but that can be released as standalone too.
  2. LordChimera
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    Hmmm,.the helmet looks like one of those old gothic statues that you find in cathedrals.
  3. Bachirsnake
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    So awesome, the face mask especially reminds me of the epic armor design of Morrowind like the Orcish samurai mask, Indoril mask, and the daedric one from Morrowind as well which in my opinion had by far the best design of the series. Thank you!
  4. Stillsnow1234
    • member
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    Wow! your armors are turning out to be really awesome @MihailMods.
    Thanks for the mod!
  5. 50meijin
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    He should have four arms

  6. HeresyDawn
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    Could you possibly make wandering mobs out these?
  7. slaVEI
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    that helmet looks so good but so bizarre at the same time, great work (well, now i am using vigilance a lot, but you still can't kill him bcs i made him essential using the CC)