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Adds flying crows to various locations around Tamriel to create a more nordic atmosphere in your Skyrim.

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This mod is completely standalone so it should be compatible with most mods out there.

This mod adds flying crows to around 30 different locations around Skyrim. Some places in larger flocks and other in smaller.

The idea was to create a more immersive atmosphere in Skyrim. Some crows will appear during early hours of the day while other will appear later. Some will be there all day, but all crows disappear at night.

The crows are added as moveable statics, so don't waste your arrows hunting them.

The mod has a script to make the crows appear at various times. I don't think there will be any issue adding it during a play through, but as always MAKE A BACK-UP OF YOUR SAVE BEFORE ADDING THIS MOD.

I recommend using both Birds of Skyrim and Crows - Mihail Monsters and Animals to help add to the atmosphere of this mod.

Flying Crows for Skyrim SE  - Thanks IamHovah for the port

Thanks JDM Skyrim for the showcase

All expansitions


qasiermo/steve40 for Birds of Skyrim (some assets in this mod belongs to them.)
Cipscis for his Automatic Light Switch script.
Julianromano94 for inspiration for the mod with his preview video on Youtube of his Viking Whiterun Overhaul WIP
Ghiles7 for the idea/challenge