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New lore friendly higher quality textures for the Spell Tomes in 2k/1k in two styles. Including patch for Equippable Tomes - Belt-Worn Books.

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New lore friendly higher quality textures for the Spell Tomes in 2k/1k in two styles. Including patch for Equippable Tomes - Belt-Worn Books.
My screenshots were taken in Nifskope and resized to fit nexus which ruins the quality of the images so the images don't do the textures justice.
After working on a recent mage themed player home for personal use I decided I was sick of looking at the spell tome current textures I was using, when stacked up it was hard to tell they even were spell tomes so I made these in Vanilla like designs. I spent a good eighteen hours on these but it was worth it I think. I've done two styles one plain brown leather covers and one different colored colors for each book both the large and lowpoly versions of the books as well as environmental maps so all of the metal is actually metallic.

All the textures were initially 2k but it took 350mb so I started compressing some in different compression and some textures the lowpoly and normals I have lowered to 1k to reduce size of the files If the original 2k textures for all are wanted I can release those but even at 5mb each they still take up a lot of space because there are so many textures for spell tomes.

Note: If you use Book Covers Skyrim, you will need to download this for these to appear.

I will likely redo these at a later date adding more to the textures designs and alternate versions I know my textures aren't the very best (hence the name of all my texture mods) I won't say these are the best even as my skills improve because I don't want to over promise and under deliver) but I am trying to improve and I feel like I am slowly improving. I also take requests for overlooked items (of which in Skyrim there aren't many modders haven't already done wonders on) to help me improve my skills and to help give new textures to overlooked items.

A huge thankyou to the amazing Chiinami for doing the normal maps (whoo! no more gloss everywhere!) :D


-This (if using Book Covers Skyrim)
-This (if using Equippable Tomes - Belt-Worn Books)

-Mod Managers
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Drag and drop the contents of this mods Data folder into your Skyrim Data folder

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