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This page contains patches that fix the invisible mudcrab fixed caused by Skytest for various mods.

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Skytest has had a long-running problem with it causing specific mudcrabs from other mods to turn invisible. Here, I will upload patches for mods that I'm aware of with this issue. I first stumbled upon this myself years ago, but despite repeated requests such patches were never added to the main page. Inspired by others uploading their own, I finally decided to upload my patches.

For those looking to create their own patch(es), its not that hard of a fix. In the past, I hardly saw it as worth uploading these patches because they're so easy to make (it literally takes seconds). However I did get a request from someone to upload these, and on top of that I've seen no one else do this for the mods I've discovered so here we are.

This glitch is caused by the fact that Skytest divides the 'mudcrab' race into two races. By default, these are one race just with different models; one larger than the other (the smaller model has its own race by default). Skytest changes this by changing the vanilla mudcrab race so it can only use the medium model, while creating a new race for the large mudcrab model so it could have different stats. The invisible mudcrab issue arises when a mod tries to place a mudcrab with the vanilla mudcrab race in the world that happens to use the large model. Since skytest disables this skin for that race, such a mudcrab will always be invisible. The fix simply involves changing the mudcrab added by the mod to use the new race for large mudcrabs added by Skytest.

On a side note, I've read comments from people saying that simply changing which mod loads first fixes the issue. However, this has never worked in my experience. From what I've seen, I see no reason why it would; if a mod calls on a mudcrab with the vanilla mudcrab race and the large mudcrab model, it'll be invisible regardless of whether Skytest is loaded first or second, because skytest is overriding the mudcrab race either way. Its possible there may be another way Skytest can mess up mudcrabs, but if there is, I don't know of it; this fix is the only one I've found. Either way, if you don't see a patch for a mod that has an invisible mudcrab due to skytest, you could possibly try to just change which loads first; it may solve your problem without the need for a patch. I just know that doesn't work with these mods.

Note that I've also run into this glitch with Beyond Skyrim: Bruma. However, I can find no conflict with the LE version, so this issue may be exclusive to the SE version of the mod. I don't have SE installed right now though, so I can't make that patch right now or port these over.

As for why I'm releasing these all on one page, its because it felt sorta silly to make separate pages for mods that just change one record. Besides, I would be willing to add more if anyone can point out any other mods with this issue to me. I would consider any mod that adds new spawn points for mudcrabs (including new lands mods) suspect.

As for when I'll port these over, I don't know. I don't play SE anymore, and I see no point in wasting a day re-downloading it just to make a few simple mods. Besides, they're not that hard to make; you can easily just open these up in TES5Edit, see what I changed, and re-make the mod in SSEEdit. As stated, It literally only takes seconds to make these, assuming you know how. All you have to do is find a mudcrab in the mod that has the default mudcrab race but uses the large model, and update it to use Skytest's new race for large mudcrabs. Simple as that. Alternatively, re-saving these in the creation kit MAY also port them, though I wouldn't guarantee it. Oh, and you CAN install these and open them in SSEEdit if you don't have LE, just don't try to run your game with them installed.

Oh, and on another note, this is my first ever mod, so I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing. Bear with me. In particular, I'm not sure how these permission things work, so I'm just leaving them set at the default for now (it seems to be what everyone else has done for their patches). These patches are simple .esp files that use no assets from any other mod; they simply carry a record over from skytest into an entry from a second mod.

Patches available:

Celyria: Fixes her summon Pete. (WARNING: page contains nudity) (update: this patch is only for versions prior to 1.3, which removed Pete from the mod entirely)

Falskaar: Fixes the 'over-sized' mudcrab.

Hunting in Skyrim: Fixes invisible mudcrab

Wyrmstooth: Fixes invisible mudcrab

Load Order: For most of these patches, load order doesn't really matter, since most of the time skytest is neither overwriting nor being overwritten by anything. Just make sure to place the patch after both required files.

A note about Hunting in Skyrim: looking at its data in TES5Edit, it apparently has its own stats for some animals which conflict with Skytest. I would recommend loading Skytest AFTER Hunting in Skyrim to ensure its edits don't get inadvertently removed by Hunting in Skyrim (unless you'd rather have Hunting in Skyrim's versions of these animals of course).