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Visual overhaul of the bears of Skyrim. Bigger, badder bears fit for the harsh northern lands they roam.

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This is a visual overhaul of the bears of Skyrim. Each type of bear (brown,
snow and cave bear) will now have distinct features. Bears are bigger
and feature realistic fur using shell texturing, a technique used in
modern games like RDR2. The hunting trophies have also been updated to
match the new models. The brown bear loading screen uses an improved
model as well for consistency.


--New model and textures for each type of bear--

--Realistic fur effect using shell texturing--

--Resized bears, they are now actually bigger than dogs--

--Trophies have been overhauled to match the new bears--

--Loading screen has been updated to match the new brown bear--

Planned : add-on for Beyond Skyrim : Bruma


Brown bears are the most imposing ones. They are extremely tall and muscular under
the thickness of their fur. Broader heads, thick arms and shorter snouts
are their distinctive features. They are one of the many reasons
Skyrim's wilderness is considered extremely dangerous.


Cave bears are used to live in dark areas and their bodies reflect that. They are
significantly smaller than brown and snow bears, even though they are
still considered large compared to their cyrodiilic counterparts. They
have large eyes and ears to efficiently track down their preys and be
aware of their surrounding in the deep and dark caves they roam. Their
paws and backs also have an increased bone densitiy, a consequence of
the hazards they face in the caverns. As a result, they present bigger
paws and hunched backs.


Snow bears live in the northernmost parts of Skyrim. They have smaller, longer
heads than their counterparts and are a bit smaller than brown bears.
Notorious fans of fish, they won't refuse a bite of a lost pilgrim or
foolish adventurer. Be careful when wandering the shores of the sea of


It should be compatible with literally anything since it doesn't directly
replace the vanilla models but changes them through a plugin. So if
another mod uses a retextured bear, it will use the vanilla mesh and you
won't experience any issue.


Pebegou for his "Strong Bear" model used as a base for the 3d mesh and the textures :

aviform for his shell texturing tutorial :