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You can become the master of 3 different wolves or wolf packs, stronger than normal wolves. Order them to follow, wait, go home, you can even mark their home place. You can also feed them raw meat to make them stronger for a while.

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Wolf Master 1.3 (by Volek)

It is quite known among the citizens of the Rift: the Bandits at Faldar's Tooth are breeding wolves!
Now there are rumors of new breeds, a lot stronger and tougher than the average wolf...
These animals are said to be absolutely loyal to their master...

  • Adds three wolves to a small dungeon in Faldar's Tooth: A Black Wolf (Fenris), an Ice Wolf (Warakin) and a Blood Wolf (Phaelan).
  • All wolves have more health and deal more damage than usual.
  • They are essential too, so if their health drops to zero, they cannot fight anymore and need time to regenerate, but they won't die.
  • Once you beat their former master, each wolf may follow you around and fight for you, only one at a time though.
  • You can give them many orders:
  • * Follow (if at home or waiting)
    * Wait (will stay at place until you order to follow)
    * Feed raw meat (gives temporary boost to health, heal rate and attack damage)
    * Push (useful if they are blocking the way)
    * Set home (marks the current location as the wolf's home)
    * Go home (will go to the place you marked as home)
    * Execute targeted orders (wait there, attack that)

The WolfPackMaster.esp is no longer supported! Instead, the wolf packs were implemented into the main file:
In one of the wolf cages, there is a button that enables/disables wolf packs.
  • Each alpha wolf will be followed by two smaller wolves.
  • You cannot talk to these wolves. They basically follow the same orders you gave the alpha wolf.
  • You cannot push them yet, so it might be a good idea to leave the whole pack waiting outside before you enter a building.

More important info:
  • The door to the wolf cage is labeled "Faldar's Fang", you can find it near the end (or near the start, depending on which way you entered) of Faldar's Tooth, a bandit fortress west of Riften.
  • Before you can talk to the wolves, you have to kill the Wolf Master. You'll see a message when it's done.
  • A following wolf uses the animal follower slot, so you might wanna send your dog home.
  • If you tell a wolf to go home, all wolves who have been following you before will go there, those you haven't "recruited" yet will stay at their cage. My advice: Lead one wolf (or pack) to a large place, and mark it as the home. Then go back to the others and tell them to go home. They will all arrive at your place sooner or later. They didnt like the cage, so that place won't work as a home.
  • Because they tend to get stuck in narrow spaces and block the way, I added a pushing action. This will knock the wolf back.
  • You cannot trade items with them.
  • If you are annoyed by the constant breathing of your wolves, install this fix.

Known issues:
  • To fix the infamous dialogue bug, save the game and load it right away.
  • The wolves won't pick up stuff if you order them to do so.

Version History:
  • 1.3: Added feeding and temporary buff, some minor cell changes, named the alpha wolves, removed optional Pack.esp and added button that enables the wolf packs, scripts are now packed into a BSA file.
  • 1.2: Reworked scripts and interior cell, some minor fixes
  • 1.1: Fixed quest not starting correctly, some minor fixes, Wolf Master NPC walks around
  • 1.0: Initial release

1. Extract the Data folder to your Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\ folder
2. Make sure the Wolf Master.esp file is activated before you start the game.

Legal stuff:

[color=greenLegal stuff:[/color]
Do NOT upload this mod to Steam Workshop or paysites. Feel free to use any assets of this mod in yours, just give credit and let me know.