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FyreAlchemage - DylanF1 - Hohn - Felix Lukas

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A conversion of the Indoril Ordinator Armor for SE.

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converted to LE by FyreAlchemage
originally made by DylanF1, Hohn, and Felix Lukas

All credit for the assets goes to the original authors, I only converted their mod and made this esp.

NOTE: Repeated requests have been made asking for new assets, I will say here that I can't do that, these are not my meshes nor my textures and even if I had the skill to work with them I wasn't granted, nor requested permission to do that.

There is only one set of ordinator armor here and it is not craftable, unlike the original mod. This is because I prefer that unique items like this to be, well, unique.
The gloves, helmet, and boots offer 25 base armor value. The armor offers 50 base armor value. In total, you get 125 base armor value. I may adjust this to match the original Morrowind stats. It's heavy armor.

As in the original mod, the armor only looks proper on male characters, I have not tested it on a female character.

Find it at a commonly used border pass from Morrowind to Skyrim, along with a special note left by the dunmer who left it and their old life behind.