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UPDATE: now supporting both male and female aswell as Random Idles for NPCs!
This is not a Mod itself! This a python script to simplify creating a "Play Random Idles" system with the Dynamic Animation Replacer.
All you need is to place all animations you want in a folder and run my script.

Permissions and credits
This script can copy/overwrite and delete files on your system.

This mod uses the Dynamic Animation Replacer Custom Conditions  from 20000 to 21000. If you have any other DAR mods that uses these folders they will be deleted/overwritten.
Make sure there is no folder called something from 20000 to 21000 in
running my script for the first time!

The animations for player, female use priorities 20001-20200,
the animations for player, male use priorities 20201-20400,
the animations for NPC, female use priorities 20401-20600,
and the animations for NPC, male use the rest to 21000.

This sets a maximum of 200 animations per pool, but it's possible to change the priorities in the script to enable more animations. Although I think nobody would need over 200 random Idle animations, there arent even that many on the nexus.

You obviously require Dynamic Animation Replacer for this to do what its intendet to do.
As this is a raw python script you also require a python 3.8 or 3.9 installation on your computer.
If enough people have an interest, I might publish a .exe version.

How to use:

After downloading and activating the mod (via Vortex or by hand) you will find a python script "" in
and a new folder called "Idles":

*your_Skyrim*/Data/meshes/actors/character/animations/IdlesIn the "Idles" folder you have a folder for "Player" and "NPC" each split up into "male" and "female".

Place every .hkx idle animation file, which your characters should play, in the corresponding folder (pool) in "Idles".
Make sure that the file ends with ".hkx" or ".HKX". Idles in the "Player" folder will only be played by the playercharacter and NPC idles will only be played by nonplayercharacters. Each folder, where you put the animations, acts as a pool of animations the game can draw from.
After you filled the folders or "pools" with animations you just have to run the "" script!

If you want to delete an animation form your random idles, just delete it from the desired "Idles"-subfolder and run "" again. It will automaticly remove redundant priority folders.

I recommend disabling and removing any other mod that plays standing idle animations, such as "Play Random Idle".

Note: You can add aditional folder in the "Idles" folder, for example if you want a folder where you collect all your animations in one place. Only the folders called "Player" and "NPC" will be read through by the script.

What the script does:

The script takes every animation file you placed in a pool in the "Idles" folder and creates a priority folder in/animations/DynamicAnimationReplacer/_CustomConditions/

It also writes the "_conditions.txt" so that every animation you added has the same chance to be played ingame.

The script uses following conditions to map the animations to the corresponding actors:

  1. Player, Female:
  2. IsActorBase("Skyrim.esm" | 0x000007) AND
    IsActorFemale() AND
  3. Player, Male:
  4. IsActorBase("Skyrim.esm" | 0x000007) AND
    NOT IsActorFemale() AND
  5. NPC, Female:
  6. NOT IsActorBase("Skyrim.esm" | 0x000007) AND
    IsActorFemale() AND
  7. NPC, Male:NOT IsActorBase("Skyrim.esm" | 0x000007) AND
  8. NOT IsActorFemale() AND

At the moment this only replaces the standing idle.
I might expand the the script in the future though.

Every .hkx file you place in "Idles"-subfolders will get played randomly by the corresponding actorbase so make sure you only add standing idles if you dont want your characters to do weird stuff when the standing idle should be played.

This mod includes the default standing idles from vanilly skyrim. If you dont want those just delete "mt_idle.hkx" from the "Idles"-Subfolders.

A few mods I can recommend as a source for good idles to add:

If you have any further questions about it or want me to expand it with features (e.g. costum conditions, support for other animations, ...) or want to request a .exe version of the script (because you  are unable or dont want to install python) write a comment or hit me up in the forum.

If you have any doubts about what my script does, get yourself a friend who understands python and let him explain the script to you its barely over 30 lines, nothing complicated.

And a added thanks to ArngrimEinherjar for the idea! I based my script on how his dynamic random idles mod.