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The DB will not deal with innocents. Only assassins, vampires and cannibals. The targets are not easy. Original MOD from jaycravn !

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Hi, I'm editing an old MOD that assigns new targets to the Dark Brotherhood.

The main idea is that the Dark Brotherhood does not kill innocents (this will be one of its principles), but that its targets are really evil and dangerous people. The targets won't be easy either.

In any case where the opposite must be done, it must be studied properly and must be substantiated.

I'm looking for a way to avoid Gayo Maro's quest. But since he is a womanizer, there are many deceived boyfriends and husbands trying to get rid of him forever.

V4:  N
o patch required, final 12 targets ready and bad audio quest muted.
        Please send me your experiences.


Same as V2 but , for those who prefer not to activate all DLC.


Some user told me that the target quests end with number 8: Banning (ex Anoriath) and Nazir suggests that you visit Dengeir de Stuhn to start target 9, Vighar but it does not start. But you can complete all the rest of the missions of the DB without problems.


Alternative Dark Brotherhood Targets by jaycravn, all credits for jaycravn :

 Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch ***

*** This is a beta version, I am not responsible for errors. I have worked a lot with TES Edit and CK.

I listen to suggestions and if someone can help me with the work, it will be well credited.

Essentially, I have to modify each target NPC, so that it is no longer a target, and modify each chosen NPC to take its place. Then you have to correct all the dialogues.
It would also be interesting if it did not depend on the USLEP patches

List of possible targets:

No changes: Safia - Maluril - Deekus - Hern
Vampires: Alva - Hert - Vighar - Sybille Stentor
The executioner has to feel the karma: Ahtar
Thalmor: Ondolemar and  Rulindil /// Final bosses: Elenween
Namira cannibals:  Eola - Lisbet - Sanyon - Banning - Nimphaneth - Hogni Red Arm

All credits for jaycravn !!!