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Adds 1982 Conan the barbarian as a follower to Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
Let me start by saying that MissAshley and I are the same person.
I did not steal this mod, I just lost access to that account
1982 Conan- The Barbarian Original Upload 5/4/2013 9:45AM GMT
I am back to finish it!


Mr. Dave - The Atlantean              -> Open Source Permissions

Chris57 - Better Males                  -> Open Source Permissions

Geonox - High Res Face Maps     -> Open Source Permissions

LogRaam - Eyes of Beauty            ->Open Source Permissions


EvilTwinz- For the motivation and inspiration to move
Conan out of the Sleeping Giant Inn where Conan has been
for going on 8 years. He Took interest and reminded me
That Conan belongs in the country side not the city.
I dedicate v1.6.0 to YOU EvilTwinz, You are the reason
This update happened. Thank you

(Update Log directly under NEW MOD DESCRIPTION)


AW 1982 Conan Follower  (REMAKE)
v1.7.0  for Skyrim Legendary Edition
Requirements: Skyrim.esm
Bethesda DLC Compatibility: All
Just in case anyone is confused, I made this mod with
my first Nexus account MissAshley that i lost access to.

Back then i was pretty new to modding and careless with
my login info. Long story short i trusted the wrong person.

Anyways, this was my first version of Conan. I had to
roll back because i made too many errors in the Redux
and it will cost less time to start over than to try to
fix the update.
What to expect

I recently found the Export function in Racemenu so im      
making a more detailed version of Conan's head focusing
on eyes, brow and mouth.

I want to use a smoother Normal map for Conan's body.

Im still not happy with the Atlantean sword so i WILL be       -DONE
adjusting that again and spending more time testing under
Several light conditions because just when i get it where i like it
i see it in a different light and it bugs me.

I do plan to add Arnold voiceover back into the mod but
it will take me some time to clean the sound files up,
make the dialogue quests and test test test.

I have another major remake going on right now but i cant
just keep putting Conan off, you guys deserve better than
that and i like to keep my word

I DO have a mic now and i can generate the lip files so his
mouth can move when he speaks, that will be one of the last
things i do in this mod.

I may be moving Conan. to the solitude docks. Not sure yet      -DONE
just seems a little lazy to just toss him into the
Riverwood Tavern. I know my way around CK a lot better now.

(As of now Conan is still in the Riverwood Tavern)

It is about time i do the tint mask for Conan's face.     -DONE
Lip, eye socket, cheeks, nose forehead .Etc

Im looking into Race making so i may be giving him special      -DONE
body meshes and textures, I am also going to be contacting
a few fellow mod makers to (possibly) get permission to
give Conan his real armor and weapon.

I want to either find or make a retexture for the Atlantean Sword,
make it the correct color, add a specular map to it.
and resize it.

I plan to make a canon 1982 Wheel of Pain pendant for Conan.      -DONE
(think i will have to get back into body slide for that)

Il try to keep you guys updated on all that.

Please forgive my slop in the MissAshley version it was my
first mod and i did the best i could at that time.

Il try not to let you guys down this time.


Production Ongoing 2:45 PM GMT

-Very minor corrections to Conan's face, hard to make it any better

-Conan eye color correction (the blue shades look like trash so i used dark grey and it works)

I have 3 of 4 needed permissions to make a full detail Conan follower. So Conan will be made into
his own race. Its almost impossible to preserve Conan's look without specific Meshes and Textures
and that is hard to do with players running their own Mesh and Tex sets.

So that is the next step

Screenshot Added

Production ongoing 11:23 PM GMT

-Nord Conan PURGED!

-Cimmerian Conan Race added

-Exact copy of old Conan's face transposed onto new Conan.

-Conan now has his own face and body textures included in this update.
 (your chosen textures should not effect Conan's appearance)

-Conan's Atlantean Sword added

V1.5.0 ((FIX))
Bug Fix 4:47 PM GMT

-Fixed texture errors for Conan using user/ vanilla textures

-Fixed Nords using Conans hand textures

-Cleaned with xEdit

-Tested with Skyrim Launcher and SKSE on clean save

Screenshot added


Optional 8:28 PM GMT

Simple retexturing of the Atlantean Sword

-Remapped Nif files to accept cube and environment maps

-created a specular map

EDIT: Merged and Reworked 3 of Mr.Daves Textures into 1
for The Atlantean Sword.

Screenshot added

Special Update 2:09 PM GMT

-Conan face tint edits

-Conan Now has his own camp and map marker in the wilderness

-Careful Navmesh edits NO NAVMESH DELETED

-Cleaned with xEdit

Overdue Update 12:39 PM GMT

~where to start~

-Conan has the correct Wheel of Pain pendant from the 1982 movie
 (yes i did make it myself. Mesh, texture, Nif and CK work)

-Conan has an updated face (Still not perfect but i will get there)

-Conan's eyes have been updated.

-Atlantean Sword reworked for quality

-Broken Father's Sword added (player can use)

-Broken Father's Sword Reworked for quality

-Navmesh cleaning in Conan's camp.

-Several paths and refs changed in CK for neatness.

-Conan returns home so does his horse.

-Conan has an eat, drink sleep and read schedule

-Conan got buffed

-I made a sound board theme For conans camp pretty close to OST

-lots of lost sleep <3 because you are worth it.


Hello there everyone This is my first mod that I will be releasing to the world. Not the first mod I have ever made. This is a super simple
mod that allows a replica of the 1982 (Conan the Barbarian) played by
Arnold Schwarzenegger, to be a part of your Skyrim experience.

I have seen the other Conan mods and I was unimpressed with them. I have
taken a lot of time to recreate Conan to the best of my ability using
Creation Kit Ver, I have not made a .BSA for this mod as you
the user may feel changes may need to be made.

I take no credit for any weapons, armor or skin textures used in my screen shots as they were all made by other authors.

All I did was make a new npc Follower named conan and using face gen make
him as close to Arnold Schwarzenegger as Creation kit would allow. Conan
will not look as he does in my screen shots without these mods. They
are as follows:

All can be found at Nexus

Weapons - Conan Swords - Mr.Dave
Armor - Conan The Barbarian Outfits - Prometheus
Face Textures - High Res Face Maps - Geonox
Body Textures - Favored Soul Meshes - Respected Author*

Instalation is simple copy the contents of the Data folder I have provided in the
Download to your Skyrim/ Data folder and your done.

A few notes about this mod:

This is not a Conan Save Game he is a fully functional Follower. Conan is a
bit taller than nords may add a feeling of security for the player.

Conan will never die! He will go to his knees but refuses to die, I mean come on hes Conan.

Conan will start naked but has armor in his invintory he will equip as soon
as he leaves the cell he is in. I did this so you can dress him any way
you want without default armor rating issues, pretty much so he dont
ware what he wants like in some other Conan mods. Only what you give

Like other followers sometimes he will have a bow and use it even if the weapon you give him is stronger, As of this point im not
sure how to correct this. It seems to work out most of the time because
most followers jump in your line of fire when using a bow. Conan seems
to not like doing that.

Conan starts at lvl 1, grab him early on so he can lvl with you.

Conan is Awesome!!!

ok so I guess the big question is, where do I find Conan?

Most obvious place I could think of. He is in Riverwood! While your in
Riverwood after your escape from Helgan stop in the Sleeping Giant Inn
for a drink and you may bump into Conan. Cant hurt to have a partner
with you for the Quest of the Golden Claw, your trip to Whiterun and
maybe in the rest of your travles.

I hope you enjoy this mod I took a lot of time on it.

I have also included in this mod: how to make your own Follower and a fix
for the dark face that you sometimes get when making a follower or if
you have a follower mod you like that has a dark face there is a way to
fix it.

If your like me at all, Conan had a big impact on my life as a kid so I did this as a tribute and respect.

I plan on making a voice over pack for him. if I can do this correctly it
will be an update for this mod using recording from the 1982 movie.

Have fun and may Conan teach you the riddle of steel.

1982 Conan- The Barbarian 2.0

Hello guys this is just an update on the Conan project i have going.

sadly the lip gen is not working because i dont have a Mic to make them, so now Conan can talk but his mouth does not move..

I know it sucks but this is the best i can do for now.

There are a few new features with Conan.

He is now a Decent level

He is a 2H warrior class

He has Conans Blue eyes now and revised face texture hard to notice the difference but there is one.

He has a few power up spells but no destruction spells because hes not a wizard.

He has no problem telling you how he feels about a choice you make.

Also the option menu when talking to Conan has been changed to make Conan feel like more of a Bro.

I hope you guys enjoy the new updated Conan and remember it is not finished.