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Hi there!


First off, welcome! I felt the need to add this bit of text to my profile page since I my inbox is flooding with unread messages which have been piling up over the past few years. 

For the last couple of years I haven't had the time to be actively involved with the community anymore. Unfortunately I don't see myself being able to in the near future, which is why I put out this message for those who'd like to contact me personally;


"All of my files are modders resources. Meaning that you do not have to ask me permission to, modify, upload or share my files in any kind of way. It is also allowed to port my mods to different games, platforms and websites as long as it's not in violation with the terms and conditions of both Bethesda or Nexusmods. It is not necessary to give me credits. It would be nice but it is not mandatory. Please do not release any mods in my name or as a "collaboration" unless permitted by me. Also keep in mind that I am not responsible for anyone breaking either the Nexus or Bethesda's terms and conditions by using or uploading my files in- or outside of the Nexus community.  


Furthermore I'd like to state that I am not available for collaborations or private requests any other than professional projects."


Finally I like to add that I am still available for messages about anything other than the information stated above. I rarely log into my inbox anymore, therefore please don't be offended if it takes a long time before you get a reply!

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