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Create a portal and simply walk into it to find yourself in town for your merchant/crafting/whatever business. Then use the same portal spell to return to the wilds or dungeon you came from. If you've ever played Diablo or similar games, you'll probably recognize the mechanic. This one is a little bit different though.

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Alternate game editions: SE | XBox

Why this one?

Why pick this mod when there's so many other perfectly fine teleportation mods out there? Well... Here are the main differences:

Immersion: Teleport mods pretty much always use menus allowing you to pick destinations or markers. This mod is designed to have zero menus. Using your portals is only a matter of casting a spell to create them. Teleport mods also tend to teleport you either immediately or by clicking a button. With this one you actually need to walk into the portal you created.

Simplicity: If all you want is to make a quick visit to town and then return, other teleportation mods tend to make that a multi-step process. You need to first make a marker where you are in the wilds, then teleport to your town marker, then teleport back to your wilds marker and finally delete your wilds marker. With this mod you just make and walk into a portal while in the wilds and then make and walk into a portal in town. No marker creation or deletion involved.

Satisfying FX: Like with all my mods, I spend a lot of extra time making the visual and audio effects properly satisfying. So if you want something that actually feels like stepping through a portal to another place rather than clicking a button and getting a loading screen, you may like this one.

How does it work?

To keep things simple, this mod only allows you to set 1 single home point that your portal leads to. You can move this home point as many times as you want though and you can pick the exact spot you want it in yourself. It's not just at the town entrance or something like that, you can set it e.g. next to the forge, inside the junk shop or at your house.

  • The first time you load a save or start a game with the mod you'll get the spell "Conjure Voidgate" automatically taught to you. Or you can have it available as a Novice or Expert spell tome from vendors, pick your preference in the installer.
  • Cast the spell on the ground to create an "anchor" wherever you want your portal to lead to. E.g. the forge in town.
  • Move to a new location. E.g. go out exploring. Then cast the same spell on the ground. This will open a portal.
  • Walk into the portal (walk, don't run, if you want the transition to look and feel as good as possible).
  • You will swap places with your anchor. So you will now be back where the anchor was placed (the town) and the anchor will now be where you opened the portal (the wilds).
  • Go about your town business then when you're done, cast the same spell again to open another portal.
  • Walk into the portal to yet again swap places with your anchor. So you will now be back in the wilds and your anchor will be back in town wherever you opened the portal.


  • You only place the anchor once. All future movement of the anchor must be done by opening portals and swapping places with it. This is done for three reasons: 1. to keep it as simple as possible. 2. to prevent you from leaving quest locations without a way back. If you could teleport without leaving an anchor, you could irreversibly break a save since there may be no way to return to that quest location. 3. to avoid this being used as a one-way fast travel. As it is designed here, any time you travel with this you're also signing a contract that you have to return at some point.
  • To be extra clear: Unlike the town portals of Diablo and similar ARPGs, this one should not be used to travel one-way to town. If you do, and you continue exploring from said town, the next portal you open will lead to whatever dungeon you left your anchor at when you did your one-way travel.
  • To move your town anchor to a new town, just go to the new location you want it at, create a portal there and walk in. This will consequently place you back at your old town anchor location, so you will have to continue your exploration from there.
  • You will arrive at the portal destination facing the opposite direction that you left that location from. Same as a normal doorway, you enter one way and exit the opposite way.
  • The portal only opens for you and only teleports you, no enemies and no allies. I have noticed that summons tend to follow along though, even though the mod does not specifically move them. Anyway, if you have any followers, you should probably order them to stay put before you enter the portal and then make them follow again when you get back. I personally don't use followers so let me know if there's any issues with it and any suggestions for fixing those issues and I'll try to patch it in later.
  • The portal takes 5 seconds to cast and another 5 to appear and then walk into so it's not exactly something you'll practically do in the middle of combat. In other words, don't expect to use this in order to "cheese" fights.


  • It will not directly conflict with anything. 
  • Some quests or fights could possibly get bugged if you teleport out of them but I leave it up to your own judgement to avoid using the portal during heavily scripted events.
  • Some ENBs remove the fade-to-black effect that this mod uses to make the teleportation transitions prettier. It doesn’t look bad without it though, just not quite as good.