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Sometimes you just don't feel like going for a swim. Now with BF&F you don't have to by adding several new forms of water crossings to the land of Skyrim in the form of new bridges, ferry boats, and river fords.

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After watching this video,
I was inspired to add several new much needed water crossings to Skyrim, in select locations using ferry boats, fords, and bridges. With some help from FarrinRacer I was able bring this idea to fruition, and now I'm here to share it with all of you. This mod adds 3 new fords, 6 new bridges, and 5 new ferry routes to logical and immersive locations. These additions include 
  • A bridge leading to Geirmund's Hall Island, in lake Geir.
  • A bridge crossing the river south of Bruca's Leap
  • A bridge crossing the river north of Dead Man's Respite
  • A bridge next to Ennodius Papius's camp leading to the Uttering Hills
  • A bridge north of Mixwater Mill leading to the caldera region
  • A bridge leading to Raanveig's Fast 
  • A ford crossing the White River south of Riverwood
  • A ford crossing the White River leading to Cradlecrush Rock
  • A ford crossing the Karth River leading to Lost Valley Redoubt
  • A ferry route leading from Fort Snowhawk, to the southern banks of the Karth River sound
  • A ferry route leading from the southern banks of the Karth River sound to the northern bank (near the Solitude docks)
  • A ferry route leading from the shore closest to Whistling Mine to Serpent Stone Island
  • A ferry route leading from Yngol's Barrow to the northern bank of the White River sound
  • A ferry route leading from Faldar's Tooth to the southern bank of Lake Honrich ( near the entrance of Goldenglow Estate)
Update; Upon popular request an ice field has been added leading from the mainland to the Wreck of the Winter War. Comment and I may consider adding more locationsThis mod is intended to be compatible and complimentary to Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul, and I highly suggest downloading that mod as well. 
There may be some mods that are incompatible with this, most notably those that add objects to the same areas where the water crossings may be. I have provided several pictures and descriptions of the locations for one to judge whether another mod may conflict. 
Please do go and take a look at FarrinRacer's own ferry mod Boat to Septimus Signus, which is completely compatible with this mod.