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Restoring DW's mod that allowed you to play as 60+ new races.
Now includes separate Stand-Alone versions.

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*Disclaimer: This is not my mod, I'm just helping my friends over at Disgruntled Wombats, and their fans by restoring their work. They told me it got removed for the video links they had in the description, so here's their mod WITHOUT those video links.

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June Update:

They will be releasing their fixed stand-alone monsters over the next fortnight. Check back often to see which ones pop up!
Also I will be merging the separately uploaded stand-alone mods into here to make it easier for me to manage.

5th May - x May Update:

  • Seeker type monsters have been rejected due to combat controls not functioning. Affected monsters include: Watcher, Beholder and Gelatinous Cube.
  • Other rejected monsters due to technical difficulties: Gorgonops, Clannfear, Dwarven Spinner, (Lurker) Leshen.
  • However, we have fixed/salvaged multiple monsters: Czarts, Dementors, Hell Hounds / Barghest, Kagouti, Lynxes, Cheetahs, Smilodons, Mountain Lions, Nekkers, Yeti/Sasquatch, Sea Giants, Voriplasm, Sprite, Terror Birds, Rhino and Thri-Kreen. Expect to see these fixed creatures (stand-alone only) in June.
  • Classic Ghost, Cliff Racer, Wraith, Gravelord and Hym are on permanent hiatus until we figure out a solution for them.
  • The Arachas has suffered the same fate as the Mudcrab type monsters despite being a Frostbite Spider type creature. This may affect the future of the planned Giant Mantis implementation and any others of that type.
  • We also regret to announce the rejection of Lurker type monsters. They crash as they are presumably too intensive, even when you don't have many other mods or graphics enhancements running. This means that the Bone Colossus and Ice Golem will be removed in the future.
  • We regret to announce the rejection of Mudcrab type monsters. They simply don't work no matter which skeleton we use. Affected monsters that do not work properly include: Land Dreugh, Arachnomorph and Giant Scorpion. Said monsters will be removed in the future.
  • An explanation has been added on how to use the main compilation / packs in game.
  • An article on the future of the Beast Race Pack has been added to the Articles tab

More stand-alones:
Dwarven Driller, Grahl, Ghoul
Rock Atronach, Samaria, Werebat
Blood Drakes, Dwarven Magetta, Giant Centipedes
Ash Golem, Flesh Golem
Coral Atronach, Draco Lizard, Ice Titan
Storm Golem, Bats, Giant Wasp, Dusk Panther, Crystal Golem, Ogrim, Batwing Demon, Zombie

20th April - 23rd April Update:

More stand-alones:
Iron Golem, Ogres, Ancient Nordic Sentinel, Dwarven Colossus.

16th March Update:

Stand Alones now being uploaded to here.
So far:
Fogling, Verminous Fabricant, Lurcher, Iron Atronach

Races include:
Bolgan, Minotaur, Dwarven Centurion, Centuar etc.

There are two versions of the Beast Race Pack (compilation) planned.
One is available now. It forces you to choose just one permanent polymorph. You must grab the Soul Gem token from Alvor's workstation in Riverwood to have the recipes show up and to craft your chosen tome. After that, you will not be able to choose another tome. (alternatively you can use the Add-Item-Menu mod or console commands if you wish).
The second version will be available eventually. It will allow you to choose multiple polymorphs, but they will only last for 30 seconds and act as bonus powers to use in combat in contrast to the permanent role play version.

Some other things to note:

Install via: dragging and dropping the mod's data folder into your Skyrim data folder.

You should probably polymorph outside of friendly settlements otherwise they'll get mad. Use the become friendly spell to safely re-enter without hostility.

There are a handful of monsters that might require the original playable monster mod (see credits) to be installed (role-play version) after this mod, and for FNIS to be run. Czart is one of those monsters.

Third person only.

They told me they have videos they made that they're gonna upload so you can check it out below.