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Restoring Solo Album Productions' mod that allowed you to play as 100 new races. Also includes separate Stand-Alone versions. Said Stand-Alones are undergoing their 1.2 updates.

Permissions and credits
*Disclaimer: This is not my mod, I'm just helping my friend 'Solo Album Productions', and his fans by restoring his work. He told me it got removed for the video links he had in the description, so here's his mod WITHOUT those video links.

Also he has a discord server if you want to directly talk to him. It has been re-organized recently.
SE Version

May-June 2022 Update:

1.2 Updates are being rolled out. They include the following:

- Ability to polymorph whilst playing female characters
- Ability to choose between polymorphing for 40 seconds, 3 minutes and permanently
- XBOX One Port

Monsters covered thus far:
Pack 1 Monsters, Cyclops, Fogling, Kagouti

Additional Notes:
Draco Warrior's Daedroth / Lesser Daedroth (No XBOX Port possible),
Jawa (No XBOX Port possible),
Sload (No XBOX Port possible),
Alt. Vampire Lord (Sex-Specific Skins Enforced)

28th JAN Update:

It's done. All stand-alones have received their 1.1 updates which means all stand-alone monsters will have (where applicable) their extra skins, weapons, FX, spells, faithful stats etc.

Due to technical limitations, the Gronn, Rotten Maiden and Lurcher are all LE Exclusives.

January / 2022 Updates:

1.1 Stand-Alone releases will continue to be uploaded over the next 90 days.

1.2 updates will come after (which will include XBOX ports where possible).

For those interested, you can ask for exclusive, private content on the discord.

NOV, DEC Updates:

Stand-alones should be uploaded at a rate of 1 per day until they are all released.

DW had to re-do the three updated stand-alones they released. The minor issues should be fixed when you see them next.

Indrik stand-alone will be fixed TBA. It was seemingly working before but now it's broken for the time being, for both LE and SE. 6 different fixes have been tried, and none worked. The odd thing is, it works just fine in the compilation. So maybe the stand-alone needs to be done again from scratch.
Update: Indrik has been fixed.

Fixed the Scamp & Banekin stand-alone.

The main files required to run this mod.

Fixed Dwarven Driller, Samaria (makes them permanent to fix revert bug), and Ettin, Gravelord, Nekker (you can actually craft their tomes now).
Rotten Maiden is now alongside the Gronn - an LE exclusive. Lurcher is temporarily an LE exclusive until further notice.

*If your stand-alone (more specific to the recent uploads) is missing the naga/corprus victim taunt pex scripts, just go download the file called 'Main Files' and grab it from there.

*Side note If you play as a Dwarven Thresher, the normally supplied bolts won't work, so make sure you have some arrows with you (e.g. iron,

OCT Updates:

Updated Stand-Alones will be released.So far:
Alt. Vampire Lord (bundled with Garkain and Fleder), Centaur, Daedroth (bundled with Lesser Daedroth, Mihail versions)

August Updates:

Final Content Update (13th August):

New Monsters (12 total, making 100 all up):
Woolly Thunderhorn, Banekin, Gorgonops (Fixed), Clannfear (Fixed), Wampa, Indrik, Covetous Demon, Killer-Machine Prototype, Ride-Chaser Knight, Spitter, Will-O-Wisp & Flesh Abomination.
Packs 3-6 and the Core files have been updated to reflect this.

The following monsters are permanent role-play monsters:
Dwarven Thresher, Hunger, Spitter, Clannfear, Tyrannosaurid, Scamp, Banekin, Mourning Soul, Woolly Thunderhorn.
The rest are 40 second polymorphs as intended.
The reason for this is that the above monsters crash when they revert for unknown reasons. No fix has worked (unless you want to press the ` key just before your polymorph runs out every single time).

That's it. There's nothing left. In terms of new content, there is nothing left for us to work on. That's where we are leaving things. We will still be uploading stand-alone versions, SE ports, fixes, Media, etc. but that's it. 100 monsters, 100 hours worth of work, we want to move on with other projects. Thanks to the community for making this our most successful project!

8th August Crash Notice:

The following monsters/types crash when the polymorph wears off.

Ballista (Dwarven Thresher)
Gargoyle (Hunger, Clannfear)
Hagraven (Scamp)
Ghost Monsters (the ghost spell script doesn't go away) (Mourning Souls)

Avoid them for now until we come up with some form of solution.

BTW the Clannfear had it's 'static mesh' issue resolved internally. But only for it to be affected by the Polymorph-Revert Crash. You might see it again, but it will take some time.

We may have to separate these monsters by having them as 'permanent' transformations only.


6th August Release:

The massive update is done. Henceforth it will be called the 'remainder' update.

Now Pack 5 (Part 2) and Pack 6 monsters have their taunts available (requires re-downloading Pack 5, and Pack 6 Art Assets).

And they also have their remaining content added, so the usual - new skins, spells, FX etc.

That brings the total to about 90~ monsters receiving a major update (or some kind of meaningful update) recently.

But also - the 40 second update component has been released. Now monster polymorphs only last for 40 seconds, multiple polymorphs can be in your arsenal at any time, and for now only require 1 gold each. Now it is akin to a werewolf or vampire lord transformation, a temporary spell to wreak havoc.

What's next?

Any monsters that are from pre-existing mods in the compilation that were not added previously, new modded monsters, LE stand-alones and SE port work.

Spectre got the boot because it won't work with FX work.

Batwing Demon is actually a humanoid so it too was removed from the comp.

July Updates:

Progress of the Below Update:

If you play as monsters from packs 1-5 (up to the first half of pack 5), they will all have received updates.

They will have more faithful stats, new ATK effects, spells, weapons, armor, Enchantments, ability (trait resistances/weaknesses) spells & Model Effects.

Fixes have been applied to the relevant monsters. Broken monsters have been removed.

The files called: 'Pack (1-5) - Art Assets' received updates which will fix 4 monsters and will be lighter downloads.

One Of The Final Updates

This update (Starting 14th July) is a mixture of a lot of things.

It's the second part of the Faithful Stats update.
The first one edited race entries to have faithful main Attributes.
This second part makes the ATK Data faithful, sometimes even adding ATK-Spell Effects,
adding perks, and just as importantly - edits the polymorph scripts to match the
original race entries as opposed to overwriting them like they were with the default
stats before.

It's the conclusion of the effects and spells update.
I think with Pack 1 and Pack 5 (latter half) we attempted to add spells and
effects and it went well for some, and badly for others.
We're just taking it one step at a time and doing what we can here. Some spells
will be those ATK-Effects we mentioned earlier like Fear effects or Electric bonus

Where applicable there will be different HP and STA (and perhaps MAG) boosts depending
on what skin/armor you wear - adding more depth and strategy to the gameplay.

It will be the first time some work that has already been added to stand-alones
(like fixed monsters) will be added to the main compilation.

The Packs will be lighter by getting rid of unnecesary files like monsters
that don't fit the theme of the Beast Race Pack (Example the Bolgan Mod's Boar creature).

We will be adding sound work to monsters that have yet to receive it (Latter half
of Pack 5, Pack 6).

We will also be adding new skins and weapons to monsters that have yet to receive it.

The Playable Monster Mod Skeletons will now be included - but in a different folder
so that players can have their skeleton replacers or vanilla skeletons for vanilla
creatures in effect without our mod interfering.

We are stripping the ESP of data entries from the original mod that are unnecessary
for this particular mod. This is mostly for us, but if you use Add-Item-Menu,
it will make searching for tomes easier.

We are changing the theme of this edition of this project. We are phasing out
permanent role play in favor of 40 second polymorphs only.
10 seconds to load (maximum) and 30 seconds to play.
Additionally we will be making it more difficult to craft these tomes,
and balance that difficulty according to how viable a monster is during gameplay.

This is technically not the final update but it's us finishing off these monsters
in particular. After this - there's transferring the work to the stand-alones,
SE ports, monsters that have not been implemented from pre-existing mods and
the final 11 mod spots to conclude pack 6, and therefore this mod.

After this mod we may release videos going more in-depth into these monsters,
their lore, where they fit best into the game etc.

We also want to release a tutorial so that people can make their own private
projects for mods that don't give users the rights to their monsters
(for release purposes).

Then of course comes the Humanoid Race Pack making a comeback, and the Novelty Race

July 7th -

Adds Pack 6 Monsters. Pack 6 will probably be the last one I make. There are about 11 spots left for new mods to be added to this compilation/project.
Pretty much whenever Mihail makes more monsters is when I can start work on finishing the final pack.
Here are the new monsters:
Gorons, Gronn, Bullvore, Scamps, Seth's Dovah Fly Pet, Akylosaurids, Killer Machines, ZGOK & Ride Chaser Mech.
We've never implemented M150's monsters before so we're pleased to announce the incorporation of his work into the compilation.
Effects/Magic work will be on hold for now. The success rate has been rather poor and we are going to work on other areas of this project before we go back to this.

July 5th -

Added effects/spell work to Flame Turmoil, Shadow Atronach and Mourning Souls. Therefore Flame Turmoil is more true to it's original form, and the latter two can now be played as properly.

'Main Files' specifically has been updated in the Files Section.

July 4th -

Finished Pack 5 (which up until now was incomplete because at the time we ran out of Mihail monsters to make a full pack).
10 New Monsters: Druzog, Ettin, Shadow Atronach, Guardian Spectre, Hungers, Mourning Souls, Flame Turmoil, Rock Golem, Wormmouth, Dwarven Threshers.
Out of the 10 new arrivals the: Guardian Spectre, Shadow Atronach & Mourning Souls are unavailable in-game. Effects work will be needed to produce their proper look.
Sound work (taunts), more faithful stats & additional outfits/skins comes later.
'Art Assets - Pack 5' & 'Main Files' specifically have been updated in the Files Section.

Races include:
Bolgan, Minotaur, Dwarven Centurion, Centuar etc.

There are two versions of the Beast Race Pack (compilation) planned.
One is available now. It forces you to choose just one permanent polymorph. You must grab the Soul Gem token from Alvor's workstation in Riverwood to have the recipes show up and to craft your chosen tome. After that, you will not be able to choose another tome. (alternatively you can use the Add-Item-Menu mod or console commands if you wish).
The second version will be available eventually. It will allow you to choose multiple polymorphs, but they will only last for 30 seconds and act as bonus powers to use in combat in contrast to the permanent role play version.

Some other things to note:

Install via: dragging and dropping the mod's data folder into your Skyrim data folder.

You should probably polymorph outside of friendly settlements otherwise they'll get mad. Use the become friendly spell to safely re-enter without hostility.

There are a handful of monsters that might require the original playable monster mod (see credits) to be installed (role-play version) after this mod, and for FNIS to be run. Czart is one of those monsters. Gorgonops and Clannfear might also be included.

Third person only.

What is the 'Revert Bug'?
Some monsters crash upon revert. Those monsters will be made permanent transformations to prevent this.

He told me he has videos he made that he's gonna upload so you can check it out below.

Check out his other works: