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This mod fixes the old issue of Shift key sticking after leaving conversation or killcam mode. No scripts, no DLLs, no ESPs.

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Skyrim LE|Skyrim SE|Enderal SE

Issue Definition

When you hold your "walk/run" key (Shift by default) and begin a conversation with an NPC, then release this key, then finish a conversation, your character will still move by walk, as if you're still holding Shift. This often happens to me when I want to approach an NPC by walk. 

The same with killcam mode: e.g., when you cut your opponent's throat while holding a "walk/run" key, your character will still move by walk after that. Badass but not very handy. 

Previous Solution

As you are probably know, there is an SKSE fix for this issue on LE Nexus: ToggleWalkRunFix (the issue is described on its page). 


As you'll see down below, there is no need to use an SKSE DLL plugin to fix this issue. There is much more easy and native way, without DLLs, ESPs or any scripts. 

Actual Cause

Turns out it's an issue with input contexts. "Run" is not a defined control while a menu is open, so it cannot be processed.
These contexts are defined in the interface\controls\pc\controlmap.txt file, packed in one of the game's BSA archive. 

Real Solution

All we needed to do is to add the additional line under the // Menu Mode section of controlmap.txt file: 

This mod contains this file with the needed edit. Install with your mod manager or drop it into your data folder. 
Completely safe to install or uninstall in a current playthrough. 


All credit goes to Vermunds as they was able to rectify this issue after I asked them. Thank you! And thanks for letting me post this fix on the Nexus.