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Calling all alchemists! Who wants to cook up powerful foods and potions, with ingredients that are actually available?
You can craft previously uncraftable items at your cookpot as well as 16 powerful new recipes.
Inkeepers will also serve some nearly forgotten food items that can rock your game.

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(See sticky post for update information)

- Create potions of Ultimate Healing, Magicka and Stamina with standard ingredients. 
- Produce your own skooma!  including a new, powerful special blend
- Bake Chaurus Pie!   Purchase chaurus meat at your local inn.
You can even brew Colovian Brandy and  Argonian Bloodwine
Innkeepers will now serve Elsweyr Fondue, Beef and Venison Stews, Vegetable Soup, and other powerful concoctions.  They also have plenty of SALT and GARLIC to spice up your own cooking and alchemy.

Concoct new amazing multi-ingredient potions at the nearest cookpot!
New potions are the:
Formula for Mass Destruction
Prescription for Peerless Plunder
Spirits of Superlative Sorcery
Philter of Robust Recovery
Mixture of Mercantile Magnificence
Elixir of Immaculate Appropriation
Formula for Radiant Resilience
Potion of Passionate Persuasion

New poisons are the:
Elixir of Extreme Exhaustion
Pinnacle of Paralysis
Mixture of Matchless Mayhem
Persistent Pernicious Poison
Malicious Mutilator of Magic
Virulent Vexation of Vitality
Perfectly Potent Poison

Each one accomplishes what its name promises.  The exact details are of course visible when crafting.
There is no separate in-game reference, as you can just jump over to any cookpot, and it shows you everything.

How much would you pay for an opportunity like this?  Never mind that, it’s FREE!
... and there's more - you get a lovely printable Recipe Chart all for the same no price.

What are you waiting for?