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Just another Breezehome overhaul ^^. Focused on making it a cozy house suitable for a family but not super luxurious. Compatible with multiple adoptions for 6 kids!

Permissions and credits
Breezehome can now be a home for a big family! Sporting 6 beds for children, 4 for followers, interactive kitchen, bath-tub and fireplaces. There are lots of custom assets but hopefully the vanilla feel of a comfortable but not overly luxe house is kept.

The house is navmeshed but not super thoroughly tested in active gameplay, so if you're brave enough to try it out ( :p ) let me know if you meet any problems! This is also my first house mod ever, so I'm very thankful for any feedback and sorry if something is messed up! In any case, it shouldn't (hopefully) burn your PC :p

The aim is to focus on the family aspect of the house so you will NOT find trophy display, mannequins and weapons rack here! Enchanting and Alchemy tables are present. Lock the door to your room, you don't want your kids to mess with that! :p

Food will appear when it's meal time, activate the stove to start cooking! 


The house will upgrade normally as you buy upgrades for it, but it's meant to be used with the children room upgrade ( Alchemy table is there anyway ). If you buy an Alchemy lab you will simply have a big empty room.

- Should be compatible with everything, even other mods that alter Breezehome unless they make it VERY big, but they will not have any effect!
Bathing in Skyrim allows you to bathe in the bath-tub.
Alternate Start is compatible, but you will fall a bit "from the sky" when starting in Breezehome. Comfortable landing on the living room though!
Frostfall correctly warms you up inside.


PCGirl , not only she let me use some of her custom textures, but her houses have been a major inspiration for me even if I went for a different style. If you want something extra luxe and very very well done, check them out for sure!!! I 100% recommend her houses and used them all until now.
Elianora, can't avoid mentioning our Player homes queen!
Gentester and Clintster74 for assets and inspiration
- Antistar for letting us use assets from the magnificent Clockwork!
- Flintone for letting me use his awesome Shabby furniture
- Jacknifelee for her Toy Story
aviform for making us all hungry

... and all the awesome authors who put effort in creating so many new resources to help us all revive this game whose work I based mine on!

Insanity Sorrow
- Komodo
- shh...yourenotsupposedtobeinhere

Also a big thank you for the discord modding communities which helped me greatly!!

Note: I accidentally wrapped in a texture replacer for apples rather than standalone apple texture for the fruit. If you have a personal aplle texture, simply place my house first and the texture after so mine won't overwrite yours!!!