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Ever got frustrated by how fast your picks break in the hard locks? Or how trivially easy the Novice locks get? Look no further! Here\'s a mod that gives makes picks take less damage from harder locks, but decreases the sweet and partial spots.

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This is a very simple mod which only changes a few values for lock picking. I find it more immersive, and friendlier for low FPS players.

I always thought that the Novice Locks were way too easy, and enjoyed the Master Locks very much, aside from the fact that my picks broke instantaneously. Combine that with low FPS and you get hell trying to open those damn locks.

So what I did was this:
- All locks now do equal damage to picks (the value used is the same as Apprentice Locks in vanilla). Meaning picks last longer in all locks except Novice and Apprentice Locks.
- Locks scale less; the difference between novice locks and master locks is much smaller.
- All partial areas and sweet spots are smaller, making lock picking more tinkery and less reaction-based.

2 versions available now:
+ Regular; works as stated above.
+ Light; Picks take even less damage (3, where the vanilla value of novice locks was 2 (3 meaning less damage than 2)).


P.S. If anyone could help me out with learning to find my way through the scripts of skyrim, there's a few things I would like to add to this mod, and I would greatly appreciate your help. Mostly I have trouble finding where to start, as I've been digging around endlessly through scripts and values, but never managed to find the script for the lockpicking minigame. I'm a fairly comfortable programmer, so the scripts in themselves should prove little challenge, from what I've seen, but as I said it's blatantly true that Skyrim is a veritable maze of scripts and values. If you're willing to help, just send me a PM and, and you'll have my eternal gratitude :)