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Oaristys - yourenotsupposedtobeinhere - and CDProjekt red

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Less silly looking stations for your work on alchemy and enchanting

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Don't like the silly high fantasy designs of some of the workstations in Skyrim? Wish it had a more down to earth/low fantasy appearance and looked like something set up on the table real quick before starting your work? Well this is for you! I originally made this for Enderal, but no reason it can't work for Skyrim too for those of you who want it!

Replacer for only the workstations of alchemy and enchanting, the full tables are left unchanged as 1, They are too far gone in terms of how silly they look and I have no idea where to start fixing them and 2, the base game and many mods place things on top of the stations to make them appear more cluttered already, and replacing the mesh would screw this up big time.

Thanks to Oaristys and yourenotsupposedtobeinhere plus CDProjekt red for the assets used to make this mod, all assets used are from modder's resources and are open to use with credit. All original mods and authors are listed below.

yourenotsupposedtobeinhere - Rug Resources
Oaristys - Modder's resource packModder's resource pack - The Witcher Extension


Xtudo has made a great retexture upscaling some of the low res assets on both benches and removing the syringe for those who don't like it. Thanks for helping improve the mod!