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Allows you to set the wedding outfit of your betrothed for your big day.

Permissions and credits
This mod allows the player to set a custom wedding outfit for your spouse-to-be. The mod gives you two options:
  1. You can put together a fully custom list of apparel items that you have in-game.
  2. If you have the Apachii Divine Elegance Store mod installed, the mod gives you a shortcut option to rent a wedding outfit from it for the time of the wedding ceremony. 

If you rented the Outfit, it will be automatically removed after the wedding when the spouse changes back to their original outfit. If you used your own custom set, then after your fresh spouse changes back to their everyday clothes, the wedding set will be transferred to their inventory.
If the wedding is successful, the spouse changes the clothes back just before you first visit your new shared home.
If the wedding failed, the angry stood-up npc changes back upon exiting the temple.

The rent-able presets are all in shown the screenshots. You must have Apachii Divine Elegance Stored installed if you want the option for these outfits! All those assets are that mod's property, and this mod doesn't ship any of the models!!!


  • SKSE: Hard requirement!
  • (Optional): Apachii Divine Elegance Store: If you want to be able to rent outfits so that you don't have to buy your own. My mod will automatically detect if you have it installed, and will activate the renting option.

Can be installed both on a new game or on saved games at any point.
  • Recommended: as always, with your favorite mod manager.
  • Manual: only at your own responsibility. Extract the contents of the archive to Skyrim/Data.

It's never a good idea to remove a mod from your playthrough, but this one is probably safe to get rid of. The quest and the scripts stop themselves after the wedding is fully over. But there is no guarantee that it won't leave traces in your saved games - you've been warned.

The mod has been designed with compatibility in mind. Two things need to be considered:
1) The mod does modifiy one vanilla record: it adds a slightly modified script to Maramal's dialogue where you ask for forgiveness and want to try again after a failed wedding.
I know of no other mod that would modify this - but if something does, let that mod win the conflict. The reason for my edit is to make the mod work on your second try of the wedding as well. Letting the other mod win will ensure that mod's integrity at the cost that my mod probably won't work on your second wedding try.
2) About the marriage scene. Other mods that enhance or modify the wedding scene are most likely compatible. Here are the only things that must stay unchanged (because my mod hooks into the marriage quest at the following points):
  • "The wedding has been reserved at Maramal" must mean the RelationshipMarriage was set to Stage 30.
  • The start of the ceremony scene must correspond to RelationshipMarriageWedding being set to Stage 10.
  • Wedding fail (player walks away) must mean the the RelationshipMarriageBreakUp quest has activated.
  • When the player first visits the spouse's home must mean that RelationshipMarriageFIN was set stage 25 or above.
If a mod modifies these stage numbers and what event they correspond to, then that mod is incompatible. Otherwise they modify the scene however they want, it's fully compatible.

Screenshots & Media:
I guess it needs no announcement that my screenshot archery skills are terrible, and there's a rogue light source in my temple of mara, making my monitor's pixels scream in horror as they get nuked by gamma.
Feel free to attach your own awesome screenshots - they are much appreciated ;)

SSE port:

The mod is supported for only legitimate marriage scenes. The vanilla script edit in point 1) of Compatibility ensures that the mod will work the second time too, if you walk away from your wedding but ask for forgiveness and reserve a wedding for the second time. However, mods that allow multiple divorces and multiple spouses are out of this mod's scope.

If for some unforeseen reason the spouse doesn't unequip the Outfit, even after they should have, you can force them by a console command: "setstage ww42weddingdress 30".

That's it for this one, enjoy!